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Roger reflects on Wimbledon triumph

10.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 2

Watch the video of ATP World Tour Uncovered where Roger looks back on his time at Wimbledon.

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07/10/2012 | 06:12 PM
Thanks to Roger for sharing this video, and thanks to the website keepers.
It makes a big difference to share some of his comments,pictures and videos. I do respect and believe he should have a private life but this website makes me feel part of his professional life. Great Job lately! keep it up and I will keep supporting him and his foundations to the best of my ability, buying tickets, puzzles,thirts,hats,etc THANK YOU
07/10/2012 | 06:11 PM
07/10/2012 | 05:46 PM
Love the videos! It's keeping the celebration going! Roger is so eloquent and you'd never know the dear man must be exhausted and have already given 25 other interviews. One of a kind!
07/10/2012 | 05:29 PM
Unique champion!
07/10/2012 | 05:26 PM
Go for more titles in 2012.....................
We want you to retain year ending No.1 ranking for sixth time equalling your hero Pete Sampras's another record
07/10/2012 | 04:45 PM
Bravo, bravo, bravo, Roger! Done with verve, style, power, and that effortless looking ease of movement. And it is, in a way, because it has lot to do with how you align your body with the ball coming at you, or the one you are returning, or when serving, or when moving over the court as though skimming it. Balance, reflexes, intuition, a tremendous knowledge of tennis, and a vast array of weaponry, and then the strategy and tactics. I kew you woud get the ranking back, Wimby title, records set!
07/10/2012 | 04:43 PM
This Wimbledon triumph, the culmination of intense hard work and hard rock determination is a stepping stone in Roger's career of immense proportion, it has shown the world, if there was any doubt, that Roger will never be happy with less than the best. Much more will come Rogi !!! On to the Golden Olympics ! I am counting the days...I want to see that Gold medal sparkling around your neck where it belongs 1
07/10/2012 | 04:20 PM
Way to go Champ! Congratulations! Happy to see you back being World No. 1 and have your 17th grand slam title! ^^
07/10/2012 | 04:08 PM
You deserved it Champ! You're a wonderful person and ypou have a pure and elegant soul, just as Wimbledon that is the most elegant of the Slams. :-*
07/10/2012 | 03:31 PM
Dear Roger,
You deserve all the glory!! Enjoy a little break before the Olympic because there comes yet another glory!
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