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Semi-final against Djokovic

10.10.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger raced into the semis of the Shanghai Rolex Masters with a 7-6(4), 6-0 victory over Julien Benneteau today. He will now meet the world number one, Novak Djokovic.


Roger could fully rely on his serve today, dropping just three points on his own serve in the entire match. After the tie-break in the first set, our champ dictated the play to wrap up the win in style with an ace.

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10/14/2014 | 01:23 AM
Dear Roger:

WE love you !!!!!!!!

WE love you !!!!!!!! WE love you !!!!!!!

WE love you !!!!!!!!

WE love you !!!!!!!! WE love you !!!!!!!

WE love you !!!!!!!! WE love you !!!!!!! WE love you !!!!!!!!

WE love you !!!!!!!! LOVE YOU - LOVE YOU - LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!

LOVE your wondeRFul family !! GOD bless all !!!!
10/11/2014 | 05:52 PM
When was the last time such a comment came from an in-form and healthy world number 1 ???
Novak probably was out of form due to lack of match play when he lost in Dubai.
Novak was clearly injured in Monte Carlo.
But Now, he was neither.
And the this was his preferred court surface. Hard court -- slow medium pace. With medium bounce.

Says a lot about this new version of Roger Federer.

PS: I admire Novak's honesty. I don't think he ever takes credit away from his opponent when he loses.
10/11/2014 | 05:27 PM
“I think I did not play too bad,” said Djokovic, whose win streak in China included his two Masters 1000 titles in Shanghai (2012, 2013) and three straight titles in Beijing (five overall). “It's just that he played everything he wanted to play. He played the perfect match. I think he's going to tell you how he felt, but that's how I felt he played. He played an amazing match.”
10/11/2014 | 05:16 PM
PS 90 -- easier to swing, so easy to 'flick' the wrist and increase swing speed and generate more power BUT VERY DIFFICULT TO HIT THE SMALLER SWEET SPOT because of smaller head size. Hence all the mishits.
RF 97 -- bigger, so slightly more difficult to swing because of more air resistance.
So no more subtle flick of the wrist as with the PS90.
BUT larger sweet spot. EASY POWER
Easy to time the shot, NOT mishit
10/11/2014 | 05:14 PM
I'll be convinced that something's truly different with the new racquet when Fed beats Nadal at a slam other than Wimbledon! Australia, for example.

Whether he wasn't used to the new racquet, or whatever reason, Roger wasn't able to make a dent at this year's AO against Nadal, although he handily beat Murray and Tsonga.
10/11/2014 | 05:12 PM

The larger the racquet the more clumsy it is to swing even if it is lighter than the smaller racquet.
More clumsy and unwieldy. Why ?
Simple, because of more air resistance when swinging such a big thing.

But on the flip side, the larger string bed gives more easy power and is more forgiving. You do not have to swing hard and crazily fast to generate power.
Just swing a decent pace, the ball flies off the larger racquet.
10/11/2014 | 05:02 PM
Again, SDANU, if 97 is so great, why not 100 like Nadal, Djokovic and so many other players? Why not 103 or 105?
Why wait till 2011 to make the switch? Why not start off with a 100 sq inch racket in 2002?

The player also has to be comfortable with the piece he's using.
10/11/2014 | 04:59 PM

It would be interesting, indeed, and I wouldn't expect a significant difference if we're comparing for very similar/same surface and tennis balls.

Another big factor in today's win was simply Roger's tactics of net play. He mixed things up beautifully and got to the net at every opportunity, making Novak hit passing shots. Roger's decision to bring Stefan Edberg in played it's part there.

It's a big jigsaw puzzle with many different pieces!
10/11/2014 | 04:51 PM
Everyone might think i am over optimistic after this comment but here goes..

IF Roger manages to maintain good energy levels after each match at 2015 Australian open (where the court would play similar to Shanghai)
Roger WILL WIN AO2015.

I think Today's match is an indicator of that.
Roger henceforth, will NOT mishit or mistime any balls.
Roger henceforth will NOT gift points to opponents.
Roger henceforth will be ruthless and show no mercy.
10/11/2014 | 04:44 PM

yeah 57 UEs .
BUT HE ALSO saved 5 MATCH POINTS (2 MPs in Monfils USOpen match)

The last time he did save more match points was way back in 2003.

Have we ever seen Roger play so error free and clutch in such tense moments ???
I think never.
Its all because of the larger sweet spot which is more forgiving.
And Roger who is the most skilled player in the history of tennis is NOW (finally) taking full advantage of it.
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