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What's in the box?

13.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

Nike Tennis sent me this box today. It says: "don’t open until Monday...". Any ideas of what’s inside?


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07/15/2012 | 05:51 PM
A pair of tennis shoes...with a #1 ? 7 ? 17 ?
Whatever it is, it will be amazing, like you, Rogi !
Enjoy !!!
07/15/2012 | 05:37 PM
Oh Oh I know what it should be! Djoko's head on a silver platter and Nadal's on a bronze!! lol
07/15/2012 | 05:10 PM
**KUESTCHUEK***.... I THINK U R VERY FUNNY... hhahah... very ambitiious,NIKE.. are you serious? hehehe, generous. hahehehhehe, or bighearted...nice one.
07/15/2012 | 04:53 PM
I agree with the comment Gnomina, its gotta be tennis shoes with the number 287 on the sides... Congrats our NO. 1 Forever... enjoy it u deserve it, we our fans never doubted about u getting that precious number... it fits u superb. buddy..... thanks for those wonderful moments u have given us...
07/15/2012 | 03:16 PM
Just now, read about the box & the celebrations planned for the day & week as Roger Federer breaks the 286 weeks ATP No. 1 record set by Pete Sampras by becoming No. 1 for 287 weeks ---


Enjoy it, champ, you deserve it :)))
07/15/2012 | 03:15 PM
Does it feel heavy? It could be $287 in quarters. :)
07/15/2012 | 03:06 PM
Dear Roger, we're your new NIKE shoes as the writing side 287....287 weeks in which you have been n.1 in the world!!!!
For me you're always n.1!!!!! I love you Roger!!!!Roger simply the Best!!!by Leo
07/15/2012 | 02:55 PM
MILKS's*** is in my opinion best guess :-D

and DAVIDERF's*** the funniest!
07/15/2012 | 02:54 PM
#287, what else!! Good job Champ!1
07/15/2012 | 02:52 PM
Roger you're the best.
Today i see in you tube one video "love Mirka & Roger", very special.
You're a symbol of life.
When last sunday you won Wimbledon, i say to my wife: Nobody (except a crazy person) can say that Federer isn't the best tennis player in all time".
i'm 54 and admire you, more for person that for Tennis.
In the box a special recognize of Nike to you for your absolut record weeks how NUMBER 1.
Excuse my english that is regular, i'm from Medellin (Colombia).
Bye Roger