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What's in the box?

13.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

Nike Tennis sent me this box today. It says: "don’t open until Monday...". Any ideas of what’s inside?


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07/15/2012 | 10:13 AM

Tu computador tiene un virus? Mándalo revisar!
El "H1S7ORY" lo cogiste de Nadal?

Suerte y sigue gozando con todos nosotros tu admiración por RF !
07/15/2012 | 09:35 AM
Dear Roger,
Well done on winning your 7th Wimbledon. I watched all the time from Australia and so lovely to see Mirka and your daughters. I think it is a gold pin and a pair of shoes with gold writing on the occasion of you breaking the record for being number 1.
Cheers and God bless from Pam in wonderful Australia
07/15/2012 | 09:00 AM
So mysterious...
Good task for us...
Shoes as a gift to remember 16.7. 2012 as a date associated new record 287 weeks as number 1.
With love Jana
07/15/2012 | 07:29 AM
It seems pretty probable that it is a pair of shoes to commemorate breaking the record for the most weeks at #1. Much deserved!
Congrats from B.C. Canada!
07/15/2012 | 07:19 AM
Gold shoes or olympic gold medal...
God bless U
07/15/2012 | 07:17 AM
Kia Ora Roger,
I agree with most people here that it's a pair of Nike shoes emblazoned either at the heel part or the side of shoe 287 and that by opening it on Monday will find you surpassing Pete's record. Wow what a momentous occasion. I hope your team will put photos up of you with the mystery content(s)!! Nice to see you and Mirka taking some well deserved 'getaway' time out shopping!! In Health and Happiness,
07/15/2012 | 07:17 AM
Gold shoes or olympic gold medal...
God bless U
07/15/2012 | 07:16 AM
Gold shoes or olympic gold medal...
God bless U
07/15/2012 | 07:01 AM
Unos hermosos tenis con los aros olimpicos y la bandera de tu pais. Ah! y obvio el no. 1.
Felicidades a Nike, porque todos los modelos que te han hecho han sido fabulosos. Uno de mis favoritos son las de las copitas.
Debo decirte que el sweter que usaste en Wimbledon, esta hermoso. Claro, que a ti todo se te ve super bien.
Todo nuestro apoyo para las olimpiadas.
07/15/2012 | 06:23 AM
Dear Rog, it has got to be something about you setting a new record about surpassing Pete's highest number of weeks at NUMBER 1, another one for the history books. We are so proud of you, and love you always. Congratulations to you, your family and your team.