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What's in the box?

13.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

Nike Tennis sent me this box today. It says: "don’t open until Monday...". Any ideas of what’s inside?


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07/15/2012 | 01:29 AM
Dearest Greatest of all in H1S7ORY --- Roger,

It is a pair of GOLD SHOES --- an UNIQUE & SPECIAL Gift
from NIKE, inspiring you to win the GOLD MEDAL, engraving
with 287 weeks being No. 1 celebrating the RECORD-BREAKING
victory at WIMBLEDON.

WE - ALL LOVE YOU ROGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07/15/2012 | 01:12 AM
Something will help you to win the gold medal in London!
You will do it!!!!
07/15/2012 | 12:42 AM
Olympic Nike tennis shoes with the five hoops & RF logo on ready for your gold medal! ...... Enjoy!
07/15/2012 | 12:38 AM
A very special shoes for The Best Tennis Player!!!!
07/15/2012 | 12:33 AM
number one cup :)))))
07/15/2012 | 12:15 AM
Hi Roger!! It's a pair of tennis with the number 287 and number 1.
Best regards
07/15/2012 | 12:13 AM
Swiss Flag Olympics shoes with RF logo on the ankles?
07/14/2012 | 11:56 PM
You are playing as if you were 20! And of course, I couldn’t dare advise you on which tactic to follow when playing, but I would like to just say that the aggressive style suits you so much!!!
I keep checking the ATP rankings and it’s such a pleasure to watch back where you belong (#1). I love you Roger..
07/14/2012 | 11:56 PM
You played fantastic tennis.. So many congratulations for your 17th grand slam.. I know how much you wanted this grand slam, but also us, your fans were longing for it as well. I guess more will follow..:-) As a very old fan of yours, I can say that you are at your absolute best…
07/14/2012 | 11:55 PM
A pair of shoes for your 17th grand slam achievement, i guess, with your name inscribed on it!!!!.. Roger, I just got back from London, I was there for a few meetings and it was such a shame I couldn't make it to come to the finals since i didn’t know I was coming to London and at the last moment I wasn’t able to find affordable tickets.. I watched the match on TV.