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The secret is revealed

16.07.2012 | Off Court

Dear Fans

Thanks for all your guesses everyone. I opened the box today and it looks like Nike Tennis made me a special pair of Vapor 9’s to celebrate the #1 record! They made 287 limited edition pairs total, and some will be available for you. Very nice of these guys. Feel free to check them out @niketennis.


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07/16/2012 | 02:02 PM
Part 2 - Correction. Imagine...standing on the podium...with the Olympic Gold Medal for Men's Singles Tennis is placed around your neck. Good Luck in your quest for Olympic Gold.

With you...always
07/16/2012 | 01:57 PM
What a nice gift, in black and gold ! Numero Uno. Number One. Will look great on you during your quest at the Olympic Games. Good luck to you in the Olympics. Stay hungry. Imagine... standing on the podium... with the Olympic Gold Medal placed around your neck.

Always with you.
07/16/2012 | 01:47 PM
Congrats Roger!!!! You're the number One in everything you do.
07/16/2012 | 01:33 PM
Wonderful gesture by Nike to do these for you for such a fantastic achievement many thought wouldn't happen, but you proved them wrong again...:)

I just wish these weren't so expensive i would have thought nike could have done something more affordable for all of your fans but guess they think we are all lottery winners..
07/16/2012 | 01:27 PM
I love what it says on the inside: #1 never left Roger, and it never will. Couldn't agree more!! Congratulations Roger!!
07/16/2012 | 01:15 PM
What a gorgeous!
Black and a golden combination are wonderful. PeRFect!
07/16/2012 | 01:08 PM
Congrats Roger you are the best
07/16/2012 | 01:06 PM
Congrats again!

Cool shoes.
07/16/2012 | 01:05 PM
congraaaaats champ!

way to go nike...
07/16/2012 | 12:53 PM
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