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Wilson wallpapers

19.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Wilson has created a great wallpaper for you to use, you can download it here:


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07/27/2012 | 04:25 AM
Hi Roger - I am so excited to be able to possibly see you play at the Olympics. My husband and I won tickets to centre court on July 30. I am crossing my fingers! Best of luck to you against Falla. It will be so exciting to have a Wimbledon Olympics! I will be cheering for you and Stan and hoping to see you.

07/27/2012 | 12:19 AM
olympic medals wins are so weird. nicolas massu (GR) and marc rosset (SUI) have gold medals in singles. pete and rog do not. dimentieva has one, serena does not. rog and serena have doubles gold. so even though rog has a favorable draw i have no idea what to expect. i never expected him to lose to blake or berdych who got beat by rog most of the time in other events. i hope he wins but nothing would surprise me. i'm just happy he got #7, #17 and passed pete for wks at #1. GO ROGER!!!
07/26/2012 | 09:08 PM
Great draw for Roger, but he has to be carefull the first couple of rounds. Everithing looks easy but we know that Falla and Benneteau can be a dangerous opponents especially in first rounds. Best wishes Roger and I hope you get the one title that is missing in your collection.
07/26/2012 | 08:59 PM
All the best to your fellow countryman Stan who plays Andy Murray in the first round! Go Stan!
07/26/2012 | 08:41 PM
Well Rogi it does look like a pretty comfortable draw for you but I'm sure you will not be too complacent. As we all know these best of threes can be tricky, so I wish you all the very best;I'll be cheering you as always. Love, love, love, xxxxxxx
07/26/2012 | 07:40 PM
Hi Roger,
Le meilleur moment que j'ai vecu cette annee c'etait de la tribune a Wimbledon quand le dernier coup de Murray etait hors de la ligne. Ce n'est ni le premier ni le dernier moment d'extase que vous m'avez offert; j'ai vous ai suivi partout dans le monde et reconnu en vous les qualities excetionneles d'un athlete rarement vu. Vous etes mon heros et le heros des millions comme moi qui vous saluent come unique et irremplacable. Je prie pour La coupe d'or
Mes respects mon champion
07/26/2012 | 07:26 PM
My BEST, BEST WISHES for Olympic Games, dearest Roger!!!!!
Step by step, all the best for the match against Falla!!!
Of course, all the best in doubles, also!!!
You deserve everything Roger!!!! Go Champ!!!
07/26/2012 | 07:01 PM
I have just seen the torch on three separate occasions in central London. Each time it passed me I thought of you Roger and your quest for gold!

I come back home and see that you have a good draw and have been tipped to meet Tsonga in the final!!! That will be no obstacle whatsoever in attaining your goal!!!
07/26/2012 | 05:11 PM
Great draw !! Best of luck against Falla !!
07/26/2012 | 03:07 PM
Any one know what time is it please?
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