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Olympic silver or gold!

03.08.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger made his dream for an Olympic medal come true today, winning the longest tennis singles match in Olympic history! He defeated Juan Del Potro 3-6, 7-6, 19-17 after four hours and 26 minutes of play.

Roger and Del Potro showed an incredibly dramatic semi-final today, with Del Potro scoring the a break in the first set to give him the advantage he needed. Roger won the tie-break of the second set, and then things really went wild. Del Potro missed a shot and gave our champ his first service break of the afternoon, after over three hours of play, and the chance to serve for the match at 10-9. But the Argentinian broke back - at love - to stay in the match. Only 16 (!) games later did Roger then earn himself the second chance to close out the match.

Roger will next face the winner of the other semifinal between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the quest for an Olympic gold medal on Sunday.

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08/05/2012 | 05:27 PM
Congratulation for the silver!
08/05/2012 | 05:25 PM
"Kendi, are you feeling well ? You are the biggest optimist on the planet."

Yes dear! I'm always feeling well because I'm aware of the possibilities. It wasn't my Gold Medal for playing well it was Roger's to win or lose. There is always 2016! :D KUDOS FOR EFFORT of course!
08/05/2012 | 05:25 PM
08/05/2012 | 05:24 PM
08/05/2012 | 05:24 PM
Silver is not bad. Roger played well, but Andy played better. Anyway, Roger is the best of the best in tennis history.
08/05/2012 | 05:24 PM
08/05/2012 | 05:23 PM
I read Roger wants to participate in Rio in four years time.
08/05/2012 | 05:21 PM
could not find his rhythm at any point of the match
08/05/2012 | 05:21 PM
This is a disaster, because this was his last chance. The best player will never be remembered as an olimpic winner. So sad. I just cant believe it. So easy for Murray. On the grass, at the Wimbledon. He has never lost a match in Wimbledon so easy.
08/05/2012 | 05:20 PM
My dearest Federer san !! Congrat on Silver. U did well really well. Please get rested very soon for US Open.
I think it is wise not to injure oneself and prepare for a long season on hard court again.

For me Federer san, u already did so well. Love u so much.
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