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Two questions, Roger

19.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger, you played a magnificent final. Could you tell us about it?

“From the first two games on I felt this could turn out to be a very good day for me. I hit the balls well; especially backhand long-line where I felt very confident. I was sure from an early point on that I was playing particularly well. After that, I managed to hold a high level during the entire match – which is actually my greatest satisfaction. The way I played from the baseline is actually quite unbelievable, just about everything I tried worked. The final was definitely one of the best matches of my career, maybe even my best.”


With this victory you have crowned a fantastic season. Maybe even your best?

“Yes, absolutely. This has been an exceptional year without injuries and with superb victories. I cannot find the words to describe this season. It would have been hard to have done better that this. I always tried to give my best during every tournament. But, I did manage to surprise myself. I am also happy to have survived this autumn with Tokyo, the Davis Cup and all. To finish off with a victory at the Masters, extending such an important series of victories (29) – that’s the best conclusion of this incredible season I could have hoped for. I will give everything to continue this way next year.”

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11/20/2006 | 06:46 AM
you're the master of the masters. really well-played! Congrats for the year-end win!
11/20/2006 | 06:37 AM
Congratulations roger

excellent ending for a fantastic year for ur career

u did great job and u deseerve the best



I believe u r able to do that

good luck and have a nice rest til
11/20/2006 | 06:37 AM


congratulations for a fantastic year!
we are very grateful to have a champion like you..
love ya!

renee n_n
11/20/2006 | 06:03 AM
Yes Roger!!!
I wish you continue this way until you retire.
We need to have and watch players like you.....classy, full of variety,....., and with the deadliest instinct, grace and elegance to kill opponents.
Nobody matches your game on and off court..
11/20/2006 | 05:38 AM
Roger, you're the master of masters! Love you forever!
11/20/2006 | 05:06 AM
ROGER !!! There's no words to describe the perfection of your game... Thank You Forever, for the honor you have brought to TENNIS... YOU ARE THE KING !!!
11/20/2006 | 04:26 AM
YAY!!!!! I was working during the match and just got home. Couldn't wait to see how you did. Yay, Roger!

Love and hugs,
Cori USA
11/20/2006 | 04:16 AM
You could'nt have done it better...everything so perfect...you have done and gone beyond everything possible...imaginable....You have exceeded all expectations...Wishing you the best on the coming holidays to you and family and hoping to have you back in
11/20/2006 | 03:48 AM
Roger you are the best of the bests...
too good... unbelievable game..
just out of this world...
I just enjoyed every moment of the match...
I wish you soon win French Open... I am waiting for that day... Proud Roger Fan...

11/20/2006 | 03:45 AM
It is great you have had such a wonderful year. We fans would love to get a letter from you telling us your plans for the offseason and when we will see you again.
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