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Two questions, Roger

19.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger, you played a magnificent final. Could you tell us about it?

“From the first two games on I felt this could turn out to be a very good day for me. I hit the balls well; especially backhand long-line where I felt very confident. I was sure from an early point on that I was playing particularly well. After that, I managed to hold a high level during the entire match – which is actually my greatest satisfaction. The way I played from the baseline is actually quite unbelievable, just about everything I tried worked. The final was definitely one of the best matches of my career, maybe even my best.”


With this victory you have crowned a fantastic season. Maybe even your best?

“Yes, absolutely. This has been an exceptional year without injuries and with superb victories. I cannot find the words to describe this season. It would have been hard to have done better that this. I always tried to give my best during every tournament. But, I did manage to surprise myself. I am also happy to have survived this autumn with Tokyo, the Davis Cup and all. To finish off with a victory at the Masters, extending such an important series of victories (29) – that’s the best conclusion of this incredible season I could have hoped for. I will give everything to continue this way next year.”

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11/20/2006 | 02:32 AM
Dear Roger,

I'm glad that you had great season.
I expect you to play better next year and surprise not only yourself but also us again and again.

>I am also happy to have survived this autumn with Tokyo, the Davis Cup and all.

I'm proud of Japa
11/20/2006 | 02:22 AM
Hey Roger congratulations on your Magnificent win in Shanghai. I watched you play James Blake last night and it was such a good match to watch.You played so well and should be so proud of yourself to have won such a great victory hopefully many more to co
11/20/2006 | 01:54 AM
Hey Rogi,
just watched your trophy ceremony and your post match interview (thank God for th web and people who care to put things on it). It was very sweet of your to mention Mirka and how much she means to you. I was waiting for you to say something l
11/20/2006 | 01:41 AM
You re supreme, the best, congratulations, and thanks for the moments you gave us...Keep playing dear, we will be here for you

Bs As
11/20/2006 | 12:51 AM
i was watching the final match with my dad on tv and we were just speechless and in awe as you displayed your majesty on the court. you are definitely the King of The Court!

11/20/2006 | 12:40 AM
Hi, my dear Rog (Leo). Well said and well done. Please find my posting from the previous page and read it. This is my message to you. I love your plans for the future, and I am happy that I have the same plans for you as well.

Congratulations again
11/19/2006 | 11:25 PM
What you've done this year is simply...remarkable, amazing, the masterpiece of a tur master. I've noticed that you improve everyday, hitting the best shots ever seen, such as the incredible point you won to defeat Nadal. What you did this year has
11/19/2006 | 11:04 PM
Well mr. Federer... You cannot expres how was this season, i think I can.
This season was absolutely superb. It was magnificent, amzing.... fantastic.

You did a great job this 2006, and the past years as well. 92 victories in 97 matches is pretty impr
11/19/2006 | 10:54 PM
You're unbelievable!! Keep up the good work!!!
Best wishes for 2007 and enjoy a well deserved break!!
11/19/2006 | 10:36 PM
You truly are an ambassador for the sport. You make others play well and yet you find the way to always play even better.

Congratulations on a superb year.
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