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Roger-Rafa exhibition

21.11.2006 | Tennis

The world's top two players, Roger and Rafael Nadal, are in Seoul, South Korea, preparing for an invitational exhibition match to be held in Seoul tonight. The pair held a joint press conference yesterday.


The exhibition, hosted by Sema Sports Marketing Inc., will take place at the Chamsil Gymnasium at 6 p.m. (9 a.m. GMT). The match will be shown via live stream on KBS 2 TV (see link below).


This is the first exhibition match between the two players, who have played six matches this year. Nadal won the first four encounters, including Roland Garros, while Roger won the last two, at Wimbledon and then at last week's Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai. Our World No. 1 defeated Nadal in the semifinals, 6-4, 7-5, and then overpowered American James Blake to claim the title.



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11/21/2006 | 04:00 PM
Very great, champ. Beating Rafa is very important, and the most important is to beat him in RG!
11/21/2006 | 03:59 PM
Well done for winning the "world championship" Roger. Way to go! You are the best of all time - Blake is absolutely right!
11/21/2006 | 03:44 PM
Hi Roggie!

Congrats for the win, but now you must rest. Enjoy in holidays.

Seeya in Suisse...
11/21/2006 | 03:24 PM
Congrats Roger!! I just love it when you beat that guy. Have a merry, safe and exciting christmas. I cant wait to see you next year in action.
11/21/2006 | 03:14 PM

How cool!!! Just go out there and have fun!!! There is no pressure on you, the competition between you two is over for the moment. Enjoy each others company and show the world what real sportsmanship is!!! Love you and good luck!

11/21/2006 | 03:13 PM
R O G I !!!!
Congratulations Champ !!!
I couldnt see the game but... i have seen the comments.. Happy victory.
Now, REST A LOT. Relax.. Next year will be even better.
All my energy 4 U !!!
11/21/2006 | 02:54 PM



11/21/2006 | 02:20 PM
You will beat him, I'm sure.. You're in great conditions at the moment..
11/21/2006 | 02:17 PM
Dear Roger
For one last time this year I gave up on sleep to see your very last match of the season on the live stream. It was all worth it! - so great to see you have a lot of fun and still manage to win without too much trouble! What a nice way to end
11/21/2006 | 02:03 PM
Dear Roger,

I really don't think I have the nerve to ask ONE MORE THING from you, Rog, as you've given us the WORLD this year....but if you have it in you to kick some more butt, it would be icing on the cake for us!

We love you Rog! Feel the love.
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