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Title no. 5 in Cincinnati!

19.08.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger swept Novak Djokovic aside 6-0, 7-6 (7) today for a fifth title at the Cincinnati Masters. Roger has now also tied Rafael Nadal for the most Masters titles with 21.

"Breaking a record - always something special when that happens," Roger said.

Roger was extremely efficient today, making three out of his four break point opportunities in the opening set, not dropping a game himself. The second set was a closer issue, but Djokovic was unable to force a break point so the two took the set into a tiebreaker - with Roger claiming it nine points to seven.

This is a great boost for Roger ahead of the last grand slam of the season in the U.S. Open which starts on August 27th.

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08/20/2012 | 02:28 AM
Felicitaciones Roger. Definitivamente eres el No. 1.
08/20/2012 | 02:28 AM
Felicitaciones Roger. Definitivamente eres el No. 1.
08/20/2012 | 02:24 AM
Just great, incredible!! You couldn't have played better. At 1st. set it was like if you were playing by yourself, I was quite sure that he would "get" to the match at any time, and even though, it was so at 2nd. set, you went on doing most of your best and he was unable to do nothing. You are the best!!! You go on breaking one record after another. Oh, please Roger, it's too much!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you in Argentina.
I love you, Beatriz Milano
08/20/2012 | 02:19 AM
woo..I'm on cloud 9 ROGER! Congratulations for your brilliant performance my dear ROGER! 76 career titles and World No 1:) next 18th Grand slams titles and many more:)
08/20/2012 | 02:16 AM
I was totally unprepared for the level of tennis that you provided today. To give you an idea just how unprepared I was ... I started recording the match when you were up 2 - 0 in the first set. I then had to leave but came back a few minutes later and saw the score was 2 - 2. I immediately thought that he had broken back to tie the score. When returned a second time, I saw that the score was 6 - 6 with set one being 6 - 0. WOW!!! I am blessed to be a tennis fan in the age of Federer.
08/20/2012 | 02:13 AM
So you don’t have to think about it alone during the match at all, before you perfect your tactics in challenging to your own satisfaction.
08/20/2012 | 02:13 AM
& I could understand why scientifically you were baffled with the challenge results.
I prayed for you to refocus when you made 3 unforced errors out of the next 5pts. Thanks to your ace immediately afterwards,& Djokovic’s 1 unforced error, it didn’t matter. I don’t always have access to all your matches; but if this is helpful, you can always analyze the challenges afterwards with me from an optics point of view by sending any question and a digital video to me by email.
08/20/2012 | 02:13 AM
--- knowing that your choice to challenge or not was the best, given the info available to you, & how well you’ve developed your proprioception senses, how critical the point was etc--- so that even if the challenge doesn’t go your way, you’ll be content.
Just like you’re content if you made the correct shot selection, even if you don’t win the point.

This is a long post, but I noted that you were thinking about the challenge.
08/20/2012 | 02:12 AM
The best replay is the unprocessed hawkeye videos from multiple angles, which allows you to compare the camera closest to your line of sight, with what you see, as well as with what your blindfolded sense predicts, & the processed result shown in court --- see which is better & how your position in court, changes how difficult it is to determine when the ball contacts the line. Just like your shot selection, you can arrive at the same spot in challenging
08/20/2012 | 02:12 AM
we know that moving around blindfolded stimulates the proprioception skills the most,
but then how do you strike the ball?)
Or guess where it lands being looking.
Compare it with what you see, & with video replay.
I have a strong suspicion that you have a strong proprioceptive skill & use it in playing, but just don’t use it in challenging. Even if not, with enough practice, it should perform better whenever the line of sight and the line of ball trajectory aligns.