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Title no. 5 in Cincinnati!

19.08.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger swept Novak Djokovic aside 6-0, 7-6 (7) today for a fifth title at the Cincinnati Masters. Roger has now also tied Rafael Nadal for the most Masters titles with 21.

"Breaking a record - always something special when that happens," Roger said.

Roger was extremely efficient today, making three out of his four break point opportunities in the opening set, not dropping a game himself. The second set was a closer issue, but Djokovic was unable to force a break point so the two took the set into a tiebreaker - with Roger claiming it nine points to seven.

This is a great boost for Roger ahead of the last grand slam of the season in the U.S. Open which starts on August 27th.

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08/20/2012 | 06:38 PM
Wonderful, glorious. brilliant. You keep piling marvel upon marvel, Roger. Thank you for being the person you are! I feel blessed to be alive in the Federer Era.
08/20/2012 | 06:24 PM
Nice one Feds, you made my Sunday! Looking forward to the USO, and watching you win it.
08/20/2012 | 06:12 PM
I have heard the great news about you lately.I am so happy to hear that.Anyway i have to congratulate you on the remarkable success.And i hope u to succeed in playing in the last grandslam in this year.I will cheer you.
08/20/2012 | 06:00 PM
Many congrats on your 5th Cincinnati title, Roger! Another record broken, keep on breaking records...........!All the best for US Open,my hearty congrats to you
08/20/2012 | 05:40 PM
Many congrats on your 5th Cincy title, Roger! Another record broken, holding your serve throughout ~ I love it!

It’s been a challenging period for my family these past weeks, so I’m a bit late in my greetings, but your tennis & achievements during this time have been a very welcome bright spot…Thank you, more than you know!

Watching you play so well in the final against Novak… well, it was great fun! See you in NY, have a great tournament there, we'll be cheering for you all the way
08/20/2012 | 05:19 PM
☆ Very, very congratulations Roger!!! I have no words to say how amazing you are a professional, so virtuous and wonderful person. You are truly very blessed and honored by all. The whole tournament was absolutely amazing, I loved the score with the final result (6-0, 7-6 (7)) and inedited done too excellent. Have a good rest!!! God bless you, your beautiful family and your team!!! ☆

08/20/2012 | 05:09 PM

You are a master of your art! And We know you know you have more to give, it's just the beginning of this new beginning! You have it in you!
It's amazing! You are amazing! You have an exceptional potential only a few can envision! Thanks for believing you can do what no one else does and thanks for doing it! Bravo!
You have nothing to prove, for a long time, so thanks for what you do and we want more...!!!
08/20/2012 | 05:08 PM
Words cannot express the pride, the happiness that we share with you, dear Roger !You gifted us with such beautiful tennis one more time ! Thank you ! Our hearts are overflowing with love and admiration !
You played unbroken through the whole tourney, the first and only time a player's serve went unbroken in a Masters, another record ! You took the first set at 6-0 from #2 in 20 minutes ! Your excellence is unsurpassed ! Forward to the USOpen !
Love you always
08/20/2012 | 05:01 PM
Congratulations Champ!

When you win...the whole planet rejoices...you complete our lives...you fullfill our dreams and ambitons...you are our true inspiration...I always thank God for you...At this time you should be with your family always but still you continue to share your talent to the entire world..I am truly grateful..

Many Thanks!
Simply you are Legendary...Keep Believing!
God Bless...
08/20/2012 | 04:45 PM
Brilliant. Your first Noval bagel, may you achieve many more!! Congratulations xxx Looking forward to US now, I mean why stop at 17 grandslams?