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court favorite (US Vogue)

29.11.2006 | Off Court

"The most creative player in tennis history has a style all his own on the court an off."


Roger is featured in this December issue of Vogue (US). He is pictured in a glamorous six-page spread in a number of striking outfits, including a white tuxedo jacket and Gucci wool pants.


Daisy Garnett says: "Though he has learned to experiment more with his clothes, Roger is the first to admit that he wasn't always interested in fashion. 'When I started to date Mirka I had a couple of pairs of sneakers and one pair of jeans. Tennis players walk around in tracksuits nonstop, but I realized I'm a different person off the court and I didn't have to wear tennis gear all the time... I thought I couldn't move in a suit. But it's just a matter of getting used to these things. So it's been an interesting last few years, finding the style I prefer most.' "


Roger also emphasizes to Vogue that he understands his responsibility to the sport. "When you become No. 1, you realize that you're not passing under the radar anymore. I am an ambassador for the game."




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12/19/2006 | 10:01 PM
It would be fantastic if your pictures from Vogue were available on your site. The photos section really was cut down quite a bit since the beginning of the year, I used to really enjoy all the off-court pictures.
12/14/2006 | 07:33 PM
roger you r the best.
in style,, and in game..
please visit pakistan..

irfan khalid
12/14/2006 | 05:42 PM
Hi everyone!

I'd like to invite you to please email cnn.com's program REVEALED which features personalities in different fields including creative minds in sports. i already requested that they feature Roger.

hope you can email them and request for
12/13/2006 | 06:50 PM
You are the greatest tennis player ever:)

You biggest fan from Denmark Bo Hemmingsen...
12/13/2006 | 03:23 PM
i was looking high and low for the mag. roger u are so cool...

all the best for 2007
12/12/2006 | 08:34 AM
What can I say - YOU ROCK!!!

You're lovely through and through, and make tennis gear look like a tux...
12/12/2006 | 05:51 AM
Hello Ambassador Roger,

You are truly an inspiration to every one. Vogue caught you in white and black, and you look marvelous in green and purple, as well as your cream coloured UK jacket. Cool.
Love the other colours as well, liike blue and
12/11/2006 | 06:36 AM
You are looking very smart and very graceful
12/09/2006 | 05:36 PM
i just saw this pic here today. wow, stylish guy. cant wait for more of you next year. hope you continue to conquer the sport. you have a long way to go so take your time and cherish every moment. merry christmas!
12/09/2006 | 11:51 AM
I will see you again in shanghai next year!You always the NO.1!
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