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Academy Athlete of the Year 2006

01.12.2006 | Tennis

As you know Roger won the award of the United States Sports Academy Athlete of the Year in 2005. He was presented the medal on center court at the NASDAQ 100 Open in Miami in March this year.

Well, Roger will again appear on the ballot for the Academy Athlete of the Year presented by USATODAY.com and MSNBC.com. The vote begins today and runs until December 25.


The Academy Athlete of the Year ballot is the culmination of the Academy’s yearlong Athlete of the Month program, which recognizes the accomplishments of men and women in any sport around the globe. The Academy’s Athlete of the Month is selected by an international voting committee comprised of former athletes, media, sports organizations and governing bodies.


Next to Roger, the 2006 male ballot includes South Korean speed skater Hyun-Soo Ahn, Ethiopian runner Kenenisa Bekele, Italian soccer star Fabio Cannavaro, American NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, American golfer Phil Mickelson, American swimming star Michael Phelps, Major League Baseball All Star Albert Pujols, Heisman Trophy candidate Troy Smith, American basketball player Dwyane Wade, American golfer Tiger Woods and American football player Vince Young.



Help Roger take home the award for the second time by placing your vote!


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12/02/2006 | 11:15 AM
I'v done it, Roger!!!!

Wishing you take the award home nexy year in Miami!!! I remeber your being awarded this year!!! Good luck, I believe you'll get a good result when comparing with other excellent atheletes in different fields!

Have a happy holi
12/02/2006 | 09:46 AM

Just do it!
12/02/2006 | 09:23 AM
You're #1 all the way, Roger! Tiger was #2 :-). BTW, I'm going to buy a copy of Vogue tomorrow!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday with Mirka.
12/02/2006 | 08:29 AM
Whom i am gonna vote for?
definitely for who desereves it.....


we'll make ya win this!:D

love ya,
12/02/2006 | 07:54 AM
If you want Roger to win, it would make more sense to give the 2nd and 3rd vote to the least well known on the list. Tiger is very popular and will get lots of votes to rival Rogers. However as we're all such a positive lot vote for whoever you want and m
12/02/2006 | 07:14 AM
12/02/2006 | 06:44 AM
I voted. For you, of course. ;)

You know, I have to say you have to write a blog or something, Rog...we're getting bored out here in fan land. We need more Roger!

Just sayin'.


12/02/2006 | 06:36 AM
roger!!!!!!!! u deserve to win this!!!!!!! we're all goin to vote for u!!!!!! i alredy voted for u as 1st and ur frend tiger woods second!!!! all the best roger!!!!!!
12/02/2006 | 05:27 AM
Count on a vote from me!
12/02/2006 | 05:09 AM
Hi Roger,
u r definitely best of the best.i just now voted for u.i am cent percent sure that u will win this award for the second time,because u deserve to win! ALL THE BEST ROGER!
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