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Roger out in quarters

06.09.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger could not make it past Tomas Berdych in the quarters of the US Open, losing 6-7(1), 4-6, 6-3, 3-6 to the world number 7.

"So many moments, I thought, ‘Man, it’s just not happening for me,'" Roger said afterwards. "It was just a very disappointing match for me."

Berdych absolutely controlled the opening-set tiebreaker and then he broke to begin the second set. Roger fought back in the third set and finally found his rhythm. The critical point came late in the fourth set: Berdych's broke Roger to take a 5-3 lead. At that point, all Berdych had to do was hold serve - and he did.

For the first time since 2003, Roger is not going to participate in the U.S. Open semifinals. Still, he will remain world no. 1 until after the US Open.

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09/08/2012 | 04:17 AM
New York Loves You...No matter what!
I was in EAT on Madison the day after you lost the match...There were a group of people talking about you and how great you are...They were very sad that you had lost the match....and were saying they would sell their tickets to the semi's and finals...meant nothing to them without you there!
We miss you already..but we know you will be back next year..!
09/08/2012 | 03:39 AM
I was in Italy when I learnt the bad news. I was so saddened by it and I think you will be too. Without you in the semis/final the US open has become redundant for me.
09/08/2012 | 03:05 AM
without u,roger, tennis is not fun watching at all. my family r not concerned anymore who will claim the us title this year. but for me it great if Ferrer will do it.
09/08/2012 | 03:03 AM
Hey Champ, don't be too disappointed. Sometimes it doesn't work no matter what you do. On top of that Berdych came smoking that day as expected. So the result was obvious. You already had this experience before and you came back strong. Just take some time off and focus on Shanghai, Basel and London WTF. I'm not sure if Novak can be in top shape towards the end of season. But be cool. You already achieved everything. Year-end No 1 (6th time) is nice to have but not a must. Stay healthy for 2013.
09/08/2012 | 01:59 AM
I was in Montreal to see you play last year. You have so many fans. Please remember we are all behind you in all you do and keep fighting. Wishing you all the best in the next match and the year end in London. I hope to see you again next year. Keep strong. Eileen
09/08/2012 | 01:58 AM
I hope you're feeling much better now.The season has not ended yet.You still has indoor season ahead which is one of your favorites.Keep going and keep smiling, Roger!(^-^)v
09/08/2012 | 01:10 AM
watching you play in Switzerland when you were probably[have no idea] 800 in the world AND thinking this young man is someone special.A long and wonderful journey for me/us following that day when we travelled from London to watch Lleyton as we were all South Australians. Very few spectators but you signed a brochure for me.
We have watched all [or most]of your maches since that day--helps to know one from day 1 of their journey.
Wishing you the very best for remainder of 2012
09/08/2012 | 12:57 AM
conditioning was not developing into flu or whatever on the night of your match.
I am disppointed FOR you BUT NOT in you--could never never be.
You are back to no 1 where you belong,won Wimbledon the GS that tennis player wants to win--you have done it 7 times and won a silver medal for Switzerland.
You are playing well, breaking or making a few records on the way including being the no 1 for 300 weeks almost 6 years which is half of your playing career.
I still clearly remember
09/08/2012 | 12:47 AM
Hello Roger
As you often say 'It is what it is"
Life with all of its nooks and crannies,ups and downs, twists and turns, your QF did not go the way that you had hoped . Those of us who play/played competitive sport know the feeling when,on some days nothing will work--shots that we normally make successfully, go out as they did in your case, Then to make matters worse the harder one tries to improve it can get worse.
My only hope that your 'sniffly' nose which you thought was the air
09/08/2012 | 12:29 AM
So sorry you lost. US Open (or any tournament) just is not the same without you. He may have won the match but you are still the Maestro. We love you Rog. You are the best and the greatest of all time. Nobody can beat your grace, your artistry, your beauty on court. There is no one like you Rog. Love You.