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Roger out in quarters

06.09.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger could not make it past Tomas Berdych in the quarters of the US Open, losing 6-7(1), 4-6, 6-3, 3-6 to the world number 7.

"So many moments, I thought, ‘Man, it’s just not happening for me,'" Roger said afterwards. "It was just a very disappointing match for me."

Berdych absolutely controlled the opening-set tiebreaker and then he broke to begin the second set. Roger fought back in the third set and finally found his rhythm. The critical point came late in the fourth set: Berdych's broke Roger to take a 5-3 lead. At that point, all Berdych had to do was hold serve - and he did.

For the first time since 2003, Roger is not going to participate in the U.S. Open semifinals. Still, he will remain world no. 1 until after the US Open.

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09/10/2012 | 03:02 PM
Roger, the last 3 US open is the most heartbreak & Sad for me where there is ghost & unlucky for u, in 2009 u hv 1 point to go 2 set to love against Del Potro, but Hawk Eye show click the line & also Del Potro challenge very late, 2010 SF against Djoko, u hv two match with Djoko serve but failed to convert, lst year u hv 2 match point at SF against Djoko with u serve but also unlucky thing happen again.. I really don't why against so bad luck to u at US Open.. This is really unfair..
09/10/2012 | 02:59 PM
...some happening in the background which distracted him. He was so un-Roger like on the day. I am sure he will be back. He is like one of those yellow fluffy balls he likes to take a swipe at. the harder the hit, the bigger the bounce, and we know he is good at bouncing in a positive way!
09/10/2012 | 02:54 PM
.....I think it was the manner of his loss which cut him and us up so much. For some reason he just could not play on the day.For all we know he had had
09/10/2012 | 02:49 PM
There are a lot of successful 30 year old players at the moment. I am not a Serena Williams fan, but she is 30 and look what she has been through recently and she has just won the final and she won Wimby. I do not hear much ageist comments in their direction. It appears it is poor Roger who is old, no matter what he achieves. Why can't the media celebrate these people's achievements as opposed to all this hype for Murray and Djoker. Roger was clearly very cut up about the loss......
09/10/2012 | 01:20 PM
1FED1 I agree with you and KITTYTHEKAT wholeheartedly. Its a shame that the media (especially Sky Sports) are so fickle, but glorious when Roger puts them in their place! I was in NYC for the US Open but not staying to watch the finals. At least if Djoker loses he will lose some ranking points. I would like to see Roger end 2012 as World no 1 after the wonderful summer he had at Wimbledon - he deserves it!
09/10/2012 | 01:03 PM
It is Monday, the day of the finals of the U S Open and you are not there. It is not the same...not having you in the finals of the U S Open. Your presence is truly missed. Noticed that in Djoko's match with Ferrer, there were a lot of empty seats. With you and Nadal not there, the tournament seems lack-lusted.

Like the song, 'Without You'.

Moving on...looking forward to seeing you in the World Tour Finals in London. It is the last one in London.

Best to you and your family. Always with
09/10/2012 | 12:30 PM
I think it is better for you jion beijien to have some pionts just in case
09/10/2012 | 11:19 AM
Boris Becker is a man who always showed great respect for you. I've never heard him speak bad about you so far (I have not heard a comment after this match).
Rest and win another tournament until the end of the season if you can.
Best of luck, Roger.
09/10/2012 | 11:18 AM
I'm sorry, but I had a bad feeling before the start of the tournament. Unfortunately, it came true.
When weather conditions are bad, you have problems with players such as Thomas, Juan Martin, Robin ....
Over the years, journalists, commentators have written and talked bad about you. It just shows that they do not respect anybody or anything. Shame on them.
09/10/2012 | 10:18 AM
*Lizshah* Roger's used to them trying to bury him (what exquisite pleasure to prove them wrong over & over again) - they've been forced to fill in that hole they've dug so many times, they must be choking on the dust!
Rog had played an enormous number of matches; this was one that didn't work and was real disappointment for him, but he'll work things out with team and bounce back. Love to the champ, xxxxx