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Davis Cup

11.09.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

It is my pleasure to inform you that I will be taking part in the Davis Cup playoffs against the Netherlands. I am looking forward to a great weekend in Amsterdam.

See you soon,

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09/12/2012 | 08:41 AM
Awesome Roger, you will be a huge asset to the Suisse team.
Wish we could watch the matches on some livestream, but who knows if we can find it. All the best to all the Suisse players.
09/12/2012 | 08:30 AM
Dear Roger, good luck for the play-offs! And stay healthy and give them hell at Shanghai. We missed you a lot in the US Open final - as other people say, it was a re-run, only more interesting, of Australia, which was boring for all its defensive splendour. It's good Andy won - for him, but also that gives you a much better chance of re-capturing Year-End No. 1! See you at 300 weeks on top after Shanghai!
09/12/2012 | 08:13 AM
Dear Roger
Good luck for your team.Have a good time.I love you,forever
09/12/2012 | 07:19 AM
to anybody that cares; which is very few on this site. i tried to watch the final. djokovic vs murray is a rerun of djokovic vs nadal. long, long, long rallies with neither one seeming to know how to get to net and end a point. rally until someone misses seems to be the game. almost 5 hrs, same as AO semi. nadal vs djokovic 6 hrs at the AO. i miss roger's efficiency, interesting shots, and net play. gimblestob & wilander announcing didn't help. haber is ok. I MISSED HAVING A ROGER FINAL!!!
09/12/2012 | 07:05 AM
Good to hear from you, Roger. I know you make your decisions purposefully, and with an eye to how you are, and also the rankings. Best for Switzerland, and all the Swiss players, and you, of course! Because what is tennis without you! I found quiete a few things headless and objectionable and disappointing in this USO, but I think they got what they wanted. I didn't find it a thriller, but I did find it long. I know who is the best possible player: RF!
09/12/2012 | 06:40 AM
Good decision Roger!

Good luck for your Team!
09/12/2012 | 06:38 AM
I love you and your fans We have same feeling about you. We always love you ,cheer you, follow you.
09/12/2012 | 06:18 AM
thanks for the message roger. we will be cheering for you all the way. i don't think they will show the tie here in the USA. we will get USA vs SPAIN. so all our good wishes for you and good vacation after that. hope you win the 1st 3 matches. thank you so much for the wonderful summer you gave your fans. we really enjoyed it. much love to you and your 3 beautiful girls.
09/12/2012 | 05:27 AM
Good luck this weekend Rog. I don't envy any person's victory but I need some normalcy brought back to my life because I can't stand all this British gloating. Credit to Murray for winning his first slam but soon from now they'll be predicting that he will win all four slams next year -_-. Can't wait to see you play this weekend. Allez Suisse !!!
09/12/2012 | 05:27 AM
Roger, I am very please to hear from you, and I will have the pleasure to have your presence back sooner than I thought. Go, Roger, your success is like my own. GOD bless you forever, Great CHAMPION !!!