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Schedule 2007

05.12.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


It is my pleasure to present my tournament schedule for 2007; please find it under the link below. It is great to look forward and see another season full of highlights. I am looking forward to exciting moments together with you all!


Kind regards






*Kindly note that Roger’s schedule may change at any time.


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12/05/2006 | 01:55 PM
i hope we have exciting moment or c yo anywere but i dono why it seems like a dream'
am going for tour to dubai!!!
12/05/2006 | 01:55 PM
No Rotterdam?

Hmm, that's a bumm. Hope we can see you next year then in Rotterdam.. Good luck in 2007!

Love, Maria-Louise
12/05/2006 | 01:53 PM
yeah i now its cool;
12/05/2006 | 01:50 PM
Good morning, Roger!

Thanks for your schedule for 2007. If it's ANYTHING like what you did for us, for the game, for history in 2006, then we are in for one heck of a ride!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful break.

We love you, Rog!

Your #1 fa
12/05/2006 | 01:47 PM
fans believe in you.. =)
12/05/2006 | 01:39 PM
I'm sure it's going to be another great year as well!

Good luck, Rogi
12/05/2006 | 01:07 PM
hello Roger! Very nice!
19 tour and you must 19 win title:)
12/05/2006 | 01:02 PM
Dear Roger,
I wish you a wonderful holiday season and the best in the coming year. That means I wish you health and happiness!
12/05/2006 | 01:00 PM
Good luck and best wishes for you next year. We will always support you.
I'm a fan of you who has presented you some special gifts to you with my own hands in shanghai during this fantastic TMC.(My gift is a pot of milk powder)
Hope you will re
12/05/2006 | 12:56 PM
New year new plan! I believe you can do your best! and I will watch your play in the masters cup at the end of the year!!
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