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Schedule 2007

05.12.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


It is my pleasure to present my tournament schedule for 2007; please find it under the link below. It is great to look forward and see another season full of highlights. I am looking forward to exciting moments together with you all!


Kind regards






*Kindly note that Roger’s schedule may change at any time.


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12/06/2006 | 11:07 AM
And, I bet Roger will storm the Roger's Masters at Montreal (of course!) again!
12/06/2006 | 11:04 AM
The reason that I said Hamburg, Monte Carlo and Paris is because they are the most difficult part (I think) of your schedule. Time clash and jet-lag, you know. Beside, I really don't think Roland Garros would be a problem. :-)
12/06/2006 | 11:02 AM
Ha! Same as this year! Wish you have even better luck in 2007! And wish you get Hamburg, Monte Carlo and Paris this time!
12/06/2006 | 09:24 AM

I am a great fan of yours. That's why I have to be honest with you. As much as I'd like to see you play, I've to say your schedule is insane.

You cannot play 19 tournaments. As we all know you will end up winning most of those, which means yo
12/06/2006 | 08:49 AM
wow roger...tis s a gd head start...i bet u cant wait 2 get ur butt on court again...anyway hope 4 de best...u wil b a legend again next year...just remember 2 work on ur forehands & backhands...those r precious hit u noe
12/06/2006 | 06:50 AM

You will come to Tokyo AGAIN!

I'm very very happy to see your 2007 schedule!!

We Japanese welcome you in Tokyo.
I will go to see you in Ariake.
I'm looking forward to that day!

Good Luck,Roger.
I w
12/06/2006 | 06:28 AM
Looking forward as well for another fruitful and exciting year! Goodluck dear champ!
12/06/2006 | 05:18 AM
v hope
this coming season would be u'rs
and v r hoping u'r long lasting desire to come
all the best
12/06/2006 | 05:07 AM
It's just schedule,but you'll come back to Japan to defend the title like you said when you won the first championship in Japan.
I'm really looking forward to seeing you next year.
Please enjoy yourself a short b
12/06/2006 | 04:25 AM
Hi! Roger, good luck for the 2007 tournament wish you good health always.