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Schedule 2007

05.12.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


It is my pleasure to present my tournament schedule for 2007; please find it under the link below. It is great to look forward and see another season full of highlights. I am looking forward to exciting moments together with you all!


Kind regards






*Kindly note that Roger’s schedule may change at any time.


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12/06/2006 | 04:01 AM
Delighted to know in perspective your 2007 schedule.

Well, all tournaments are interesting. The schedule is balanced. You broke the RECORD to win 34 tournaments (> 8 grand slam) in 3 consecutive years.

Again the 4 Grand Slams are the most significan
12/06/2006 | 03:50 AM
12/06/2006 | 03:32 AM
Dear Roger,

Thanks for printing your schedule. I am hoping to see you in Key Biscayne. Enjoy your holidays. Your 2007 calendar is great. I was not able to get the Feder-bear, it sold out.
Regards to Mirka!

12/06/2006 | 02:59 AM
Dear Roger:
Thank you very much for speaking to us again! I want to express my deep gratitude to you for all of the things you have done for us fans! Being your fan is the happiest time in my life because my heart is full of love and you always treat us
12/06/2006 | 02:17 AM
I respect Goran Ivanisevic, but i'm kind of irritated with him for saying this.
"The Grand Slam for Roger will be very tough," said Ivanisevic, 35. "I don't think he will win the French Open because Rafael Nadal is a better player on clay. If he stays he
12/06/2006 | 02:03 AM
Roger/Mirka and family
Have a blessed holiday season and see you next year.

12/06/2006 | 01:34 AM
While you're on vacation, the others are surely watching your tapes and studying your moves. Flattering but scary...

For those who haven't voted for Roger for Academy Athlete of the Year, there is a link in the atptennis.com site.
12/06/2006 | 01:24 AM
Hi Roger!!!
Nice to hear from you!!!
I wish you have a better year playing your beautiful tennis in all your tournaments.
You are the best ever!!!!!
12/06/2006 | 12:59 AM
We can see you again!
I am sooooooo happy. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
12/05/2006 | 11:52 PM
Hi Roger!
It is great to hear from you. I like most of your schedule but after roger's cup in montreal your schedule looks very tight. You need to skip some and play the tennis master. You already got the titles from japan and bankok. Though, you are n