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Schedule 2007

05.12.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


It is my pleasure to present my tournament schedule for 2007; please find it under the link below. It is great to look forward and see another season full of highlights. I am looking forward to exciting moments together with you all!


Kind regards






*Kindly note that Roger’s schedule may change at any time.


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12/05/2006 | 11:42 PM
Hi Roger ^^

Thanks for the great year of wonderful tennis.
Hope to see the same in 2007. THE Grand Slam in sight!!!
Stay healthy.

12/05/2006 | 10:58 PM
I know your schedule is subject to change, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Cincinnati again. That is one of the tournaments I can go to! I know it's tough playing two masters right next to each other, but...you're tough too, you can handle it. :-)
12/05/2006 | 10:31 PM
For a lot of reasons, I am glad that Roger is avoiding Qatar. But apart from that, the schedule is identical with 2006, as far as I can see,
12/05/2006 | 10:26 PM
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and take care of yourself! I expect to see you winning ALL of these events!

God bless you,
Joreen :-D
12/05/2006 | 10:24 PM
now i want you to win all the tournaments... good luck the next year baby... i will pray for you anytime you play... happy holidays.... a question: why you stop answer the questions that fans send to you???... answer please... come to costa rica!!! vamos
12/05/2006 | 10:17 PM
I was so happy when I red the news ;)
I'm really looking forward to this new season and wish I could attend one of your tournament live on court this year and have the chance to meet you.
See you soon ROGER, mmmmmwah.
Love you
12/05/2006 | 08:30 PM
Roh why? your not going to defend the title in Doha dude that´s bad but whatever i hope yoú´ll win the French this time hope to see you soon bro at the pacific life open
12/05/2006 | 08:26 PM
Remeber Rogi, you need to go through the entire 07 season without losing a match, no pressure. If you're tired exit a tournament before it starts like you usually do anyways. You don't need any give-away losses like the one against Murry this year. PEAC
12/05/2006 | 07:58 PM
Roger my greatest Lion King,

I'm also looking forward to seeing you sweep all champions, certainly include 4 Grand Slams as well in coming year. No injure, no pain ! You must and you can do it. Have a great and successful year in 2007. Hopefully you wi
12/05/2006 | 07:31 PM
R O G I !!!
Very well thought schedule.
I am sure 2006 will be nothing compared to 2007, (and 2008 will be better), so... 19 tournments.. 19 victories!!!!!. Well it depends,, eventually YOU HAVE TO REST 2...
I am very excited to see this, and now i ca