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Schedule 2007

05.12.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans


It is my pleasure to present my tournament schedule for 2007; please find it under the link below. It is great to look forward and see another season full of highlights. I am looking forward to exciting moments together with you all!


Kind regards






*Kindly note that Roger’s schedule may change at any time.


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12/05/2006 | 04:51 PM
Dear Roger,

It's great to see your schedule and I wish you to stay healthy and to have a successful 2007 like you wanted.
As a fan, I really admire your dedication to tennis and to all of your fans.
I had the pleasure to see you practice for 2 hour
12/05/2006 | 04:45 PM
Hope to see you soon.
12/05/2006 | 04:38 PM
Hee Roger,

I am also looking forward to those moments.
Hope you have great year ahead of you, with lots of new experience...
12/05/2006 | 04:30 PM
Dear Roger
We are also looking forward to more exciting moments with you in the new year. In 2006 you gave us so many of them that you made it an unforgettable year and a wonderful time to look back to.
For anyone else such a season would be impossible
12/05/2006 | 04:24 PM
Dear Roger

ah..I know your are honest...but, I can't believe that you'll come to Japan next year too! --- You said so in champion's interview in October 8, didn't you?
I'm sure that I go to ARIAKE !!
Welcome to Japan again!!

Have a good season.
12/05/2006 | 04:09 PM
It will be a great season.. Another one, for our fantastic Roger!
12/05/2006 | 04:02 PM
wishing you the grand slam, rog! bonne chance!
12/05/2006 | 04:00 PM
I am bored without tennis and roger... 1 more month to go....
12/05/2006 | 03:47 PM
Te deseo todo lo mejor el próximo año, que sin duda será tan bueno o más como el 2006. Eres el mejor tenista de todos los tiempos y un orgullo para todos lo que te podemos ver y vivir en esta época de tenis. Verte es disfrutar, eres toda una estrella. Muc
12/05/2006 | 03:47 PM
I'm so looking forward to your first 2007 tournament. However, rest and enjoy your time off. More importantly, stay healthy in both mind and body. I believe that along with your natural talents, these are the keys to your success.
You are alwa