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Roger beats Haase to secure |Swiss Davis Cup win

16.09.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger beat Robin Haase 6-1, 6-4, 6-4 today to clinch Switzerland's victory against the Netherlands in their Davis Cup World Group playoff.

"I felt like I was always somewhat in control," Roger said after the match. Our champ was rarely troubled by the 50th-ranked Haase on the temporary clay court in Amsterdam. After only a few minutes, Roger already had jumped to a 3-0 lead. In the next two sets, he broke very early and sealed the victory and his team's return to the World Group next year after only 97 minutes.

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09/22/2012 | 12:26 PM

where did you read this ?? it is not officialy !!!
09/21/2012 | 09:28 PM
Hi Rahulkumar. Yes Roger has confirmed for Shangai.
09/21/2012 | 04:21 AM

Love you, as always!!! So happy to see you win, anywhere, any time!!!

Your forever Fans in Canada!!
09/21/2012 | 03:14 AM
1-My beautiful Roger, how are you? I just read the article at L'equipe. I'm so worried! I completely understand you. You been working a lot and so hard, and you've been making a lot of efforts over and over, the Olympics overcharged the schedule. And the pressure you've been dealing with has been massive. I guess it is logical what is going on.
09/21/2012 | 03:13 AM
2-I was suspecting you were injured, but wasn't convinced until now, I'm so sorry; it breaks my heart when you hurt! How much I wish I could do something to spare you from it! :( But you'll see you will recover fully it is just the normal reaction of the body after so much demand.
09/21/2012 | 03:13 AM
3-Just make sure to rest, to relax to forget about everything for a while this will enable your spirit to replenish. There are important things at stake, but you know what? Your health always comes first, your well being is the most important thing, so as much as I will miss you, please feel free to take as much time as you really need to recover and feel 100% again. That is what really matters, that you are ok for the long term.
09/21/2012 | 03:13 AM
4-I won't be at peace until I know you are perfectly fine again. I love you so much, I will pray for your recovery and all my best energy is all yours, you can have it. You have my total support always.

Use the CVAC, the hyperbaric chamber, sleep a lot and I been insisting about this for years please meditate there are meditation techniques that equal 8 hours of good sleep really it is not sci-fi nonsense it really really works, otherwise you know, I wouldn't tell you.
09/21/2012 | 03:13 AM
5-Here is an amazing tool, you can do it anywhere at any time, you can download it anywhere just sit comfortable somewhere peaceful and listen to it, this way you don't have to go to a Buddhist center for lessons. And of course you know this, but just to clarify this is not religious, meditation is simply a tool that improves your health in many little ways and helps you to fully relax.
09/21/2012 | 03:12 AM
6-The sessions only last 15 minutes, give yourself that little time a day. It is really relaxing, it will help you recover, don't mind the publicity tags, I've listened to it and it's a quality relaxing, energizing tool, it may seem a bit commercial but in reality it's a very convenient tool, so if you consider it right please try it, why not?: http://www.chopracentermeditation.com/bestsellers/onlinepage.aspx?bookid=170
09/21/2012 | 03:12 AM
7-I wish you all the best especially perfect health, be patient you will be perfectly fine very soon, you'll see, stay peaceful and joyful, don't worry about anything, listen to your heart and everything will be ok. Take care my dearest.

I love you so much Roger!!!...
:) xoxoxoxo
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