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Winner of the |letter-writing competition

10.10.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The Universal Postal Union recently announced the winner of the "2012 International letter-writing competition for young people" where young people from all over the world can participate. Marios A. Chatzidimou won the competition with his touching letter to Roger. 

Congratulations, Marios!

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10/29/2012 | 05:01 PM
Well done!
10/27/2012 | 08:30 PM
That's love guys, the love who proofs a child like Marios, like me, watching Roger, his tennis. All Roger fans proof that. It's a special sensation who takes your breath away, every single time. Good Roger, good Marios. A sportsman who can create this emotions is a gentleman, a dad, a husband, a man. A free and great man, but simple. Thanks ROGER for all the emotions lived in this years.
10/24/2012 | 05:43 PM
Hey roger, good luck for today's match....

This behind the back #tweener or #backener shot played by DIMITROV y'day at #Basel reminded me of your tweeners--


You are our legend forever....Allezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10/23/2012 | 06:23 PM
Wow, what a letter!, In many senses what a lot of us think of you Roger, and what you have shown in every single tennis match. It was great to read it! Congrats Mario and Thanks Roger to make us BELIEVE!
10/19/2012 | 11:15 PM
You guys also vote for our maestro at the ATP web-site...

Also, I just now read complete translated summary of all Roger Federer's interviews from today's press conference @ BASEL ----


Allez Rog :)
10/19/2012 | 03:20 AM
A letter befitting you! Congratulations to Marios A. Chatzidimou, who carries the ancient Greek myths, and civilizational achivements and prizes them. You indeed belong in that exalted comppany that he conjured up in his imaginatioin, through being inspired by you. The fact that the letter goes back in history and ties it to the new Olympic games, and also, the ideals of fair play, is also very dear to my heart! You are deserving, and Marios has hown his heart: Bravo, Marios!
10/19/2012 | 01:53 AM


We all of your fans from all over the WORLD cheers RF !!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

The best human being ever in the WORLD, you are as humble ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please send my best regards for your beautiful twin daughters and your
wonderful wife Mirka !!!!!!!!!!!!

10/18/2012 | 01:23 PM
"Carinsydney", the font is segoe print.
10/17/2012 | 03:24 PM
10/17/2012 | 01:27 PM
Wow! This letter sent chills down my spine and entire body! Congratulations to you Marios, a worthy winner indeed!
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