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Winner of the |letter-writing competition

10.10.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The Universal Postal Union recently announced the winner of the "2012 International letter-writing competition for young people" where young people from all over the world can participate. Marios A. Chatzidimou won the competition with his touching letter to Roger. 

Congratulations, Marios!

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10/11/2012 | 07:25 PM
It's a great letter. It's a fan letter, but also contains a little story -- a nice display of Marios's imagination! And also contains important messages about positivity, self belief and fair play. It is great to have such a contest to encourage young people to write, especially with all the tweeting and texting these days; many kids have terrible language and literacy skills because they no longer even use sentences!

Anyways, Roger, you should write back to him! :)
10/11/2012 | 07:15 PM
What a beautiful and moving letter from Marios. He has got to the heart of what makes a champion, our champion. It is beautifully written from the heart, and reflects everything we fans love about Roger.
10/11/2012 | 06:27 PM
Congrats Marios! Very nice letter!
10/11/2012 | 06:27 PM
Congrats Marios! Very nice letter!
10/11/2012 | 05:42 PM
Oh, what a wonderful & touching letter from one remarkable young man to another remarkable young man. Well done & congratulations to Marios! Thank you for sharing it with all of us, Rog. We 'thousands' (rather millions!) of RF fans feel similarly to young Marios.

See what a tremendous influence & terrific example you are, Roger?! It's true among the young as well as the old.

Can't stop smiling... makes my day when something so sweet, heartfelt & meaningful is shared so delightfully!
10/11/2012 | 04:48 PM
Congrats Marios! Very nice letter!
10/11/2012 | 12:04 PM
Congradulations Marios, a moving letter!. Likewise thoughts as FED4EVA.
10/11/2012 | 10:40 AM
Congratulations, Marios! What a beautiful and creative letter!
10/11/2012 | 06:48 AM
Felicidades Marios !!!!!!
Tu Roger, no solo eres la inspiracion para todos los fans al rededor del mundo. que te queremos y admiramos por ser el mejor tenista de todos los tiempos sino porque eres un ejemplo como ser humano.
Gracias por todo lo que nos has dado y que nos daras por muchos anos mas.
Que Dios te cuide siempre.
10/11/2012 | 06:17 AM
Lovely letter by Marios! Roger you impact so many lives around the world in ways you wouldn't even imagine. It goes far beyond your ability as a tennis player because as great as your achievements in tennis are, they are but a fragment of how great you are as a human being. I thank God for putting you on this earth and granting me the privelege of living life in a time when you exist. All the best today against Stan !
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