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Winner of the |letter-writing competition

10.10.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The Universal Postal Union recently announced the winner of the "2012 International letter-writing competition for young people" where young people from all over the world can participate. Marios A. Chatzidimou won the competition with his touching letter to Roger. 

Congratulations, Marios!

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10/11/2012 | 05:52 AM
Realmente es una hermosa carta y Marios tiene bien merecido ser el ganador de esta competencia. Sus palabras muy bellas, llenas de pureza y emoción. Realmente llegan a lo más profundo de nuestro espíritu. Muchas felicidades Marios, te deseo lo mejor de la vida para a tu futuro. Tu admiración por tu país y por nuestro campeón, Roger, es muy grande y gratificante para todos sus fans y espero con sinceridad que algún día lo puedas conocer personalmente.

Viva nuestro campeón Roger Federer
10/11/2012 | 03:38 AM
This so beautiful letter made my cry of emotion. For this boy, for myself, for you, Roger, who inspires us in a so deep way. Congratulations to the boy Marios, and to you, Roger, our inspirer!
10/11/2012 | 03:01 AM
Oh my.. Marios made cry because of his beautiful letter and because I am also touched, affected and inspired by the Great Man Roger, so I understand. Well if Marios doesn't make it as a tennis player he could become an author or a playwright because of his vivid imagination. Also credit to our Champ for being a great role model inspiring people all over the globe he's compared to Greek Gods. Go Roger, keep on shining brightly and lighting up our hearts.
10/11/2012 | 02:09 AM
Congratulations Marios. What an amazing letter and its so terrific to know that Roger's influence is helping young people achieve their dreams with fair play and love of sport.
10/10/2012 | 11:45 PM
congrats,Marios!!!!(now in greek).συγχαρητηρια,Μαριε.οπως λες δε πρεπει να ξεχναμε τις αξιες του αθλητισμου γιατι στην εποχη που ζουμε ολα εχουν ισοπεδωθει... ROGER KEEP ON!!!!!YOU ARE A TENNIS IDOL!!!THANK YOU FOR EXISTING
10/10/2012 | 10:10 PM
What a wonderful letter!! Thank you Marios. And congratulations to you Marios. I am very proud of your letter.
10/10/2012 | 08:28 PM
Congratulations both of you !!!

Amazing, WOW !!! What an INSPIRATION of Marios !!!

WE ALL love you Roger, your fans from all over the WORLD
is happy and celebrating with you always !!!

GOD bless you always !!!
10/10/2012 | 07:57 PM
Congratulations Marios!!! Congratulations Roger!!!
Roger is "our SUN".....he generates love, inspiration, admiration....he allways shines!!!!
Congratulations Roger´s family and team!!!! Congratulations Roger´s fans!!!
10/10/2012 | 06:18 PM
Congrats to Marios for his awesome and inspiring letter!
I hope he can see and meet Roger one day :)
10/10/2012 | 06:11 PM
Congratulations Mario!
An amazing letter to an amazing man (:

We are de Federistas family, we love Roger
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