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Winner of the |letter-writing competition

10.10.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

The Universal Postal Union recently announced the winner of the "2012 International letter-writing competition for young people" where young people from all over the world can participate. Marios A. Chatzidimou won the competition with his touching letter to Roger. 

Congratulations, Marios!

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10/10/2012 | 06:01 PM
WooooW What A Sweet Thing .. Thanks Marios
And Thanks Roger You Deserves Everything Sweet In This World :D
10/10/2012 | 05:25 PM
☆Congratulations dear Roger, you are an example and an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. I love music done for you: "GRAND SLAM MAN" and I love this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVplf-SWtyU

You're PeRFfect, unique, wonderful, indescribable and incomparable!!! ☆

10/10/2012 | 05:17 PM
Astonishing. What a letter

Thank you Marios

Thank you Roger

Thank you Mirka

and thank you Roger's team
10/10/2012 | 05:15 PM
What a beautiful letter. Bravo, Marios. How much love and respect Roger generates in people. Just amazing.
10/10/2012 | 05:09 PM
What a wonderful letter, and from one so young. Roger, you must be very proud to have inspired this young man.
10/10/2012 | 05:01 PM
This letter moved me to tears. Marious, you have put into words, with such poetry, the reason why Roger has so many admirers all over the world. Millions who prefer the joy of a sports competition to violence, insecurity and war.
I will read this letter to my students in class and listen to their comments.
Thank you Marious, thank you Roger ...
10/10/2012 | 04:42 PM
An amazing letter with wonderful sentiments! What a giant among sportspeople Roger is to inspire such dedication from his millions of fans all around the world. Mention too must be made of Mirka - behind every successful man there is an amazing woman and never truer than in this case. God Bless you Roger and all your family.
10/10/2012 | 04:06 PM
What a simply amazing letter. Many congratulations, Marios! And how we all agree with you, of course. Roger is our Sun.
Congratulations to you too, dear Roger, beating Lu today in a very entertaining match when Lu also played so well. Good luck tomorrow vs Stan and to make 300 weeks at No.1 and still be No.1 at the end of the year.
10/10/2012 | 03:50 PM
Congratulations on your win, Rog. I watched it on ESPN3. Also, it would be nice to read Marios' letter. Good luck on the next match. I like Stan, too, but I like you more, and I hope you win to reach 300 weeks,and to keep our number 1 to year end.
10/10/2012 | 03:46 PM
Congratulations, Mario! Im sure Roger is very touched by your sentiments.
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