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Roger wins Swiss encounter

11.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger won his second match at the Shanghai Rolex Masters against his friend Stanislas Wawrinka 4-6, 7-6, 6-0. The victory means that Roger has now secured his 300th week as world no. 1!

Wawrinka had a better start into the match, capturing the first set. The second set proved a tough fight between the two friends, with Roger eventually winning the tie-breaker. In the third set, Wawrinka was unable to match Roger's game.

With today's victory, Roger set a new milestone in tennis history: he will be celebrating his 300th week as world no. 1 on Monday.

On Friday, Roger will meet Croatia's Marin Cilic (ATP 16) in the quarter final. Roger leads the head-to-head 3-0.

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10/12/2012 | 01:12 AM
CONGRATULATIONS! You are back and there you should remain until YOU decide it's enough...Keep the spirit alive. It's good to see you back in fighting mode...Keep the rank and title.....2012 and beyond!!!All the best. Love always...
10/12/2012 | 01:09 AM
Whew !!! Congratulations on a challenging win. What an exciting match, with a repertoire of well executed shots from both players (compared to other players that continually play baseline rallies and nothing else. Yawn). Wawrinka certainly gave it his best shot in the first two sets.

Your unyielding mental steeliness shown thru in the end. Well done. Stay hungry.

It is quite beautiful to see a single-handed backhand executed so well.

Good Luck in your match against Clic. With you always
10/12/2012 | 01:00 AM
You came back, Roger and won that tricky match as only you could ! congratulations
on reaching your 300th week as #1 ! Blessings and best wishes for another win tomorrow against Cilic, only this time, make it easy on yourself... take it in 2 clean sets , please ! Love you always !
10/12/2012 | 12:41 AM
Congratulation Roger for your victory and your new record!! It was reallt though, fortunately you find your tennis and won the match amaizingly after the second set! Keep moving on champ because all of your fans around the world are cheering for you at every match. All the best for tomorrow and remember we'll all be supporting you!!
10/12/2012 | 12:38 AM
Complicated, Wawriinka played so good the first and the second set , but in the end you are my always NUMBER 1
All our support from Uruguay
10/12/2012 | 12:05 AM
He gave you a tough match, but great to see you come through so easily in the third. Best of luck against Cilic!
10/12/2012 | 12:00 AM
Congratulations! ♥
10/11/2012 | 11:54 PM

I can not stop to cheering you and celebrate with you and all
of my RFs fans- with your 300 weeks as World No. 1, lovely
Roger !!!




You ROCK Roger !!!

Love you forever !!!

10/11/2012 | 11:47 PM
As u said, it is for the love of the game.
It was our ultimate pleasure watching you deliver.
Amazing as usual, though sometimes tense; this asserts greatness
Thanks for being that good
Enjoy :)
10/11/2012 | 10:44 PM
Congratulations champ!!
WOWWW 300th weeks!! Numbers allways tell the truth: you are the best ever!
I wish you and your family all happiness in the world!
Congratulations again.
Love from Brasil :)