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300 weeks #1

12.10.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Wow, secured 300 weeks at #1 - what an amazing number! Check out Wilson's video for the occasion here.

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11/05/2012 | 01:54 PM
ok i know roger did not play paris, but why is his ranking numbers 9465. He lost 1000
points in Paris, should his ranking points be 11, 315? What am i missing here? Why
are his ranking points in the 9 thousands? confused.
Good luck roger in London.
11/01/2012 | 01:03 PM
The Champion of the Champions... Simply the best
10/31/2012 | 08:25 PM
Hi My Friends
I leave this video made by my disfrutenlo
300 weeks
10/28/2012 | 09:06 PM
10/27/2012 | 08:31 PM
Congrats!!! No one like you in history!!! Rewriting history is daily for you!!! SIMPLI GENIUS ROGER FEDERER!
10/27/2012 | 02:14 AM
Dear Roger,

You are the best Athlete, Sportsman of All Times in an era of bad new like Lance Amstrong.

Nice video with your Wilson classic racket.

A fan from Montreal Canada
10/25/2012 | 06:11 PM
Congratulations to Roger!!!!!!!!!!
And the video is Oh So Cool!!!!!!
10/24/2012 | 05:42 PM
Hey roger, good luck for today's match....

This behind the back #tweener or #backener shot played by DIMITROV y'day at #Basel reminded me of your tweeners--


You are our legend forever....Allezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10/24/2012 | 08:23 AM
Roger you are and will always be the best tennis player in the world
10/20/2012 | 11:03 PM
Amazing, wonderful, awesome!...

There are just not enough superlatives to describe your unparallel and epic accomplishments!

You are the absolute GREATEST Roger!


You truly never end to surprise me!

You are capable to accomplish everything you want! Remember infinite possibilities!

You are the strongest, most talented, intelligent and most handsome man in the world. You are my hero, my champion! And I love you madly!!!...❤:D

Congratulations! 300 WOW!!!...

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