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Out against Murray

13.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 4-6, 4-6 by Andy Murray in the semis of the Shanghai Masters today.

Roger had trouble with his serve on numerous occasions today, committing three successive double faults in the middle of the opening set. He did manage a re-break to make up for the loss of his opening serve to level at 1-1, but Murray secured another break to take a 3-2 lead which proved enough to capture the first set. The second set started with a seemingly interminable opening game (18 minutes). Murray scored the first break - after a 40-0 lead on Roger's serve - to again take a 3-2 lead and finally the match.

Murray and Djokovic will play each other in tomorrow's final.

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10/14/2012 | 08:11 AM
Better luck next time CHAMP:)) you are still our hero and will remain forever because there is only one ROGER FEDERER, no one is like you and i am sure that their will be no one like you. love you loads and always my dear!! May Allah always protect you and bless you with sheer happiness..Ameen. love you
10/14/2012 | 07:13 AM
Dear Rogerrrrrrr,
It seems the time has come for someone to take over the world number one position that you are holding like the sun that shines the tennis world. You are the greatest ever, there's no doubt about it. It's time for younger players to dominate the sport, that you have inspired and influenced, with grace & style! The name Roger Federer means so much to the world, it's other name is genius!
10/14/2012 | 06:40 AM
Don't worryyy Roger
you are the best forever
10/14/2012 | 06:36 AM
***MIGUELRAJLIN, you are correct about Roger's greatness placing such an expectation on him that is not reasonable. Roger is really great: no one else like him, but I think he did well, and is in a good position going forward. Please, FANS, ADMIRERS, stop with the unsolicited advice. You did not play the match. Anyway, I thought the back and forth with the roor: should have been closed earlier! Let Djoke and AM fight it out, and Roger go on! Great run, Roger: always happy to see you on court!
10/14/2012 | 06:16 AM

Attack and dominate your opponents first, be nice second! Also, keep your goals high to stay motivated. Your goal is not just 300+ weeks but make it to finish the year as #1 then take Australia and so on! The world is a better place with you as #1. Keep it up! If not for yourself than for the world (including your fans). But obviously it's most important for YOU to really want it and play as such! I'll be cheering you on no matter what (: "Come on!"
10/14/2012 | 06:13 AM
Looks like you were a little hungover from the long break! Rehash those fundamentals in practice. Get your serve back on target (which is the only reason you lost). Get back get into it. Play hard and have fun. The "fight" was not there today. You can be nice to your opponent AFTER you beat them. Not during the match. Your opponent doesn't care about being nice to you. Trust me. Attack and dominate your opponents first, be nice second! Also, keep your goals high to stay motivated. Your goal is no
10/14/2012 | 06:01 AM
Hope you are healthy and can just relax , You need Urgent Vacations!!!
All the best!!!
10/14/2012 | 05:40 AM
I just watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFNWan8YzhI&feature=g-vrec i think your greatness created anunfair expectation everytime you play.anyhow, we will always cheer for you independently of the results.On the video u were always calm and having fun, when you play like that and you are focus you are truly unbeatable independently of who is in fron of you. hope you are healthy and can just relax and play with a big smile on your face and win the remaining tournaments of the year
10/14/2012 | 05:35 AM
Roger,it doesn't matter. We are so hapoy to see you in really a short distance. It is so amazing. All of your chiness fans will always support you. See you next year.
10/14/2012 | 05:32 AM
It's OK, Roger. I hope you won't get too depressed or serious about yesterday's match. You might not play well as you need it to be, and , yes, I know it was a tough match playing with young and fresh Murray. But I really want you to remember, no matter you win or lost, there are still ppl who love you and always support you in any kind of situation. So don't give up. I'll always love you. You are the one and my only tennis idol.

Have a safe trip back home :)