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Out against Murray

13.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 4-6, 4-6 by Andy Murray in the semis of the Shanghai Masters today.

Roger had trouble with his serve on numerous occasions today, committing three successive double faults in the middle of the opening set. He did manage a re-break to make up for the loss of his opening serve to level at 1-1, but Murray secured another break to take a 3-2 lead which proved enough to capture the first set. The second set started with a seemingly interminable opening game (18 minutes). Murray scored the first break - after a 40-0 lead on Roger's serve - to again take a 3-2 lead and finally the match.

Murray and Djokovic will play each other in tomorrow's final.

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10/14/2012 | 04:30 AM
Roger, you did very well and you tried hard. Thank you. I just watched a part of your game and enjoyed it and I did not see "a sloppy game" as some say" Sure, you missed some, but you still played very well, so fluid, and a pleasure to watch. You'll always be the most gracious on the court.
No comparison with any other.... NONE, especially your opponent tonight, who, sorry to say, irks me plenty. You will get him next tournament, count on it.
May God bless you always et sois fier de toi.
10/14/2012 | 04:21 AM
Match Federer/Murray. Your body language said: "I do not mind losing, I do not care about winning"
10/14/2012 | 04:17 AM
the comparisons! Roger has given so much of himself to us and has already accomplished so much in his life - now just let him enjoy playing tennis without putting pressure on him - I think we owe him that much for all that he has given us!" Roger, you are a beautiful person - not only the outside, but more importantly on the inside too!! Enjoy playing your beautiful tennis!! God Bless you and your beautiful family!!
10/14/2012 | 04:02 AM
DEAR ROGER - I HOPE YOU READ THIS!! I posted the following comment on June 16, 2011 to an article about you in the Wall Street Journal. My comment was "Watching Roger Federer play tennis is such a joy - what a naturally beautiful and gifted player - graceful, strong, elegant, powerful, artistic - he was put on this earth to show us how beautiful the game of tennis can be! My wish for Roger and for all of us who love to watch him play is this - please stop putting pressure on Roger, stop with
10/14/2012 | 03:36 AM
Dear Roger: I must admit that i am still sad for your loss, I thought you could take him today specially after your display against Cilic. However, considering the whole array of events you had to go through like the death treat, you had an amazing tournament and you lost against one of the hottest players of the moment. You are 8-10 against Murray now but you will most likely face him three times more this year and you will atack him and beat him each time, just like the 2010 Masters game.
10/14/2012 | 03:26 AM
victory or defeat, we are with you...You always keep smiling,
10/14/2012 | 02:58 AM
Dear Roger,

You had a good week. Sadly you can't win them all. Rest a lot, stay healthy and all the best for Basel.

Love you!
10/14/2012 | 02:53 AM
Murray won at the venue the last 2 years. That's a mental advantage on his part that you can do nothing about. However, it is within your control to not let his backhand, disguised putdowns get to you, like when he said "you're good for a 30+ year old." If the 3 DFs happened almost too fast, would you think taking a deep breath, and a moment to pause and focus, would have helped, regardless if you had all the time you needed to train or not?
10/14/2012 | 02:48 AM
It's ok..you can't win all the time. Have a good rest and good luck for Basel.

We love you.
10/14/2012 | 02:42 AM
Dearest & Greatest Roger:
Sorry you didn't win today and hope you're healthy. Have a safe and pleasant trip back home and enjoy you beloved family. After all the tennis you've played this year I find it amazing that you played Shanghai making the SF & reaching your 300 wks at #1 in the process. We enjoyed you and your Chinese fans enjoyed you. Thank you for that.
See you in Basel
Much Love.