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Out against Murray

13.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 4-6, 4-6 by Andy Murray in the semis of the Shanghai Masters today.

Roger had trouble with his serve on numerous occasions today, committing three successive double faults in the middle of the opening set. He did manage a re-break to make up for the loss of his opening serve to level at 1-1, but Murray secured another break to take a 3-2 lead which proved enough to capture the first set. The second set started with a seemingly interminable opening game (18 minutes). Murray scored the first break - after a 40-0 lead on Roger's serve - to again take a 3-2 lead and finally the match.

Murray and Djokovic will play each other in tomorrow's final.

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10/13/2012 | 08:53 PM
Today, Roger's play was not good.

Though your defeat was a disappointing result, please fix the physical condition for the next.
Good luck! And a good fight!
I always cheer you.
10/13/2012 | 08:51 PM
It just wasn't your day Maestro, you were having to fight against Andy as well as your own serves. Never mind though, you got the 300 weeks as #1 which is AMAZING! Just go home to your family and get back some positive energy from them and from being home. Hope you can come back fresh for the final leg like last year. Will cheer for you no matter where you are or how you play, because you are a true champion both on and off the court. GO ROGER!!!!
10/13/2012 | 08:48 PM
Hey Champ, I somehow feel that you just played this tournament to get that 300 weeks. You are not as sharp as you normally are. I'm pretty sure you'll be focused on the year-end finals. Now that the Year end No 1 is almost out of reach (unless Djoko really messes up), you can relax, rest and focus on the WTF. You're gonna get your 7th title this year.
10/13/2012 | 08:16 PM
Go Roger!!!
10/13/2012 | 08:15 PM
Sorry Roger, it was not a good day today. You are a great champion even in the defeat you are a gentleman. Good luck in the next tournament!!
10/13/2012 | 08:08 PM
hard luck today..
I feel the things happening there around you was enough to deviate your mind...
forget all that things and please leave china and return to your home as soon as possible.
we all are with you.. keep smiling.
10/13/2012 | 08:03 PM
dear roger
i can`t belive
nemoj to raditiiiiiiiiii bre rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
10/13/2012 | 07:50 PM
Dearest Rog!
300 WEEKs AS No !. Its only important. Because all that ugly things in Shangai I'm happy that you go back to your home and familly.
Be helt and happy! Love You Maestro!
You did it so much. Thank You Roger Federer, The Best Ever!
Good Luck! God bless You!
10/13/2012 | 07:49 PM
Dear Roger,

It was tough today, wasn't it. Your serve was not as solid as usual, Murray played great and his returns were outstanding. What to do, it happens. Still, you won the best rally of the tournament so far ^^

Stay strong for Basel and the battle for number one :) Good luck!
10/13/2012 | 07:44 PM
Dear Roger,

You played some fantastic points. Take it easy and get ready for Basel! Good luck with everything and I'll be cheering for you as always! :)

Your biggest fan,