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Out against Murray

13.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was defeated 4-6, 4-6 by Andy Murray in the semis of the Shanghai Masters today.

Roger had trouble with his serve on numerous occasions today, committing three successive double faults in the middle of the opening set. He did manage a re-break to make up for the loss of his opening serve to level at 1-1, but Murray secured another break to take a 3-2 lead which proved enough to capture the first set. The second set started with a seemingly interminable opening game (18 minutes). Murray scored the first break - after a 40-0 lead on Roger's serve - to again take a 3-2 lead and finally the match.

Murray and Djokovic will play each other in tomorrow's final.

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10/16/2012 | 05:53 PM
@FEDERATORNY,everyone is new Nadal in such a court in Shanghai.it was made to favor service returners.it unusual for hard court that so many players couldnt hold their service games that happened there.Roger didnt play teribly only was his service return game that is normal among the fours.I never see Roger so selective picking up balls to serve like the match aganist Andy.he also tried to pace the balls close to the mid T which is the fastest one to kill.but he missed,just that.
10/16/2012 | 04:49 PM
Roger only leads by 195 points. Roger played horribly last weekend, Murray is his new Nadal. Will be tough to finish as number 1, will have to settle for number 2.
10/16/2012 | 04:45 PM
Those who can receive ESPN on TV. At 22.00hr there is a Wimbledon Special on tonight, 16 Oct. dated 2009 , mentions that Roger had missed out to Rafa the year before, so I presume it is the (cracking) final (highlights) between Roger and Andy Roddick. We know that has a very happy ending for us.
10/16/2012 | 03:17 PM
KITTYTHECAT: You said the words I wanted to convey about "predistractions" and being Roger Federer. We love Roger for his guts and courage despite all these, and he got to the semis. Rog, have a good rest with your family, and a great time in your hometown.
10/16/2012 | 02:10 PM
Looking forward to seeing you play in London at the O2. We have tickets to the semi-finals (noon) & the finals.

Good luck in Basel & Paris.

With you always.

(Part II of II)
10/16/2012 | 02:07 PM
Now...after all the dust has settled, felt that in your last two matches in Shanghai that you were pre-occuppied, that there was a lot of things going on and you were keeping under wraps. All the 'pre-distractions' you had to deal with in Shanghai. I would imagine that there is a lot that you have to 'deal with' being Rodger Federer. I commend you, always being graceful under fire. You did your best.

Must be nice to be home with the family.

(Part I of II)
10/16/2012 | 09:00 AM
Hi guys, please send me a link where can I see full stats between players with UEs and winners. Thx
10/16/2012 | 06:35 AM
Dear Roger,can u come to SHANGHAI next year!!! I really wanna meet u !!!i will make every effort to SHANGHAI in 2013!!I do hope u can still come to CHINA too !!!loveu xoxo

10/16/2012 | 04:56 AM
Dear Roger, it was sad to see you the last match against Murray but happy that you had maintained and achieve 300th week as world No.1. You are the reason for me to follow ATP world tour. You are the reason for me to start playing tennis and recently bought 2 new tennis racquets and of coz "Wilson." I wish and pray that you will play your best tennis again to maintain year end WORLD NO. 1. If one day you stop playing in ATP tour, I cant find anyone else to support besides you! GO RF!
10/16/2012 | 03:20 AM
1-Hello Roger, how are you? It was a good tournament, seeing things with some perspective it was a solid effort after you were not feeling 100% and then managed to get better and decided to play at the last minute; it was great to reach the semis right away. It was a good battle, you hit some amazing shots and there were very interesting rallies, so congrats for the effort.
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