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ATPWorldTour.com Fans' |Favorite

19.10.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

It's up to you fans to decide who is your favourite tennis player. Vote for Roger at this year's "ATPWorldTour.com Fans' Favorite Award" to help him to win the award for the tenth consecutive year!

You can vote here.

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10/19/2012 | 06:05 PM
I've voted - had to go to ATP site.
I was watching an old match - Shanghai final of Masters Cup when Roger, recovering from an ankle injury was very narrowly beatan by Nalbandian - came back to tie break in final set after being 0-4 down.
Sitting in his box with Mirka was a pleasant looking woman of Asian appearnace. She is still there in 2012 - usually sits near Roger's mother in their box. Anyone know who she is? None of my business - just curious
10/19/2012 | 05:54 PM
Isn't it obvious who's the Fans' favorite !! This is yours Roger .. luv u.
I voted, thanks for the direct link..
10/19/2012 | 05:20 PM
Ok thats my vote done - a tenth consecutive time would be amazing. Heres hoping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loads of Love
Christine xxxxxxxxxxxx
10/19/2012 | 04:48 PM
God bless you??? But Roger Federer is god!
10/19/2012 | 04:38 PM
☆Our great lion is number one in our hearts and everything!!! Fills our days of joys!!! We hope you are enjoying yourself and having a well deserved rest with his lovely family. Have a happy weekend!!! ☆

10/19/2012 | 04:23 PM
Dearest Roger:


TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

TONS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!

GOD bless you always
10/19/2012 | 04:21 PM
Dearest Roger:

You are my favorite always !!!

You are my inspiration and our favorite ever, LOL !!!!!!!!!!

I did my vote already and good luck.

ROGER: You are my everything, Roger - FOREVER CHAMP !!!

GOD bless you and your wonderful family !!!
10/19/2012 | 04:18 PM
I voted and will tell all my friends to vote also.
Deadline to vote is 10/31
Go Roger!
Go Roger fans!!!!!!!!!! :)
10/19/2012 | 04:13 PM
Nine consecutive years is an amazing achievement - 10 would be even more awesome. Good luck Roger. You must surely be everyone's favourite!
10/19/2012 | 04:00 PM
i already voted. will always vote for roger because he certainly is my favorite!!! just out of curiosity does anyone know how they get the nominees for sportsmanship award? roger is always nominated. the other 3 players are always different. this year none of the other top guys are there. not that i think they belong there, but i just wondered how they choose who the players vote on. if anyone knows please tell me.
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