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King of Istanbul

03.05.2015 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger celebrated the 85th title of his career after a 6-3, 7-6 victory over Pablo Cuevas in Istanbul today.


Our champ got off to an excellent start, converting the first breakball he had and holding the lead all the way through the opening set. Cuevas upped his game in the second set, taking the set into an incredibly tense tie-breaker which Roger eventually captured 11-9.



Now it is time for more action on clay in Madrid!

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05/03/2015 | 07:55 PM
Congratulations Roger. İstanbul open semi final match was great with RF signature and Federer book written by Chris . 85. Title on Clay court !!!
05/03/2015 | 07:37 PM
Sultan of Istanbul is better title perhaps. Go feds d french open is up for grabs
05/03/2015 | 07:27 PM
Roger Federer vs Pablo Cuevas CEREMONY ISTANBUL 2015
05/03/2015 | 07:26 PM
Roger Federer - Pablo Cuevas
Istanbul Open 2015
Full match :
05/03/2015 | 07:26 PM
Roger is more than a tennis player...
He is a real artist and actor with his life style...
He knows how to handle successes or defeats...
He is conducting the audience like an orchestra conductor...
He is a real teacher,a role model...
He is the Gentle Sportsman of the 21st Century...
No paper or ink will be sufficient to write his success...
He has nothing to do more except being read and understood by the people...
05/03/2015 | 07:25 PM
Why Roger is the Sportsman of the 21st Century?
1.Successful tennis player
2.Loves the game loves himself loves the rivals as well
3.Knows how to smile also how to cry as well
4.Invites everyone into tennis and into sports
5.Colourful tennis style, one-hand backhanded,baseline, dropshots, winners, volleys, coming to net, slices, tweeners that create great emotion for the audience
6.A wonderful family
05/03/2015 | 07:25 PM
7. A good speaker
8.Reflects love and peace
9.A good actor
10.English, French and Swiss language
11.Love for children
12.Is a book or encyclopedia
05/03/2015 | 07:13 PM
You find the way to win - nothing wrong to get slower or struggles sometimes!

The result is your voice to beat the weakness - your winning is leading you to move forward!!!!

You are really developping now!!!!!
05/03/2015 | 07:07 PM
a struggle in win will save roger from evil eyes ( guess who ... lol djoker and rafa... lol)
05/03/2015 | 07:02 PM
In FED we trust

First 🇹🇷🎾🏆 goes to Simply The Best: Roger Federer!

Congratulatios Roger🎊💥💫🎊
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