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Swiss Athlete of the Year 2006

17.12.2006 | Off Court

Roger was elected Swiss Athlete of the Year 2006 at the  Sports Awards" ceremony in Bern yesterday, after already having won the award in 2003 and 2004.


As Roger has already taken up training for the next season he joined the show via live broadcast from Dubai. He said that he wanted to reach many more high goals next year. "It was a great year, many more like this are welcome to follow", he said to the Swiss audience. Bernhard Russi, former ski-champion, handed over the award and praised all nominees as "best of their domain" (Stéphane  Lambiel, ice-skating; Fabian Cancellara, cycling). Roger clearly took home the award, heading the election by about 30 percent of the votes. "I hope I can take part in the event personally in the future", Roger said after having been announced the winner. He also addressed his thanks to his fans who show their support with Swiss flags in stadiums all over the world. Roger had chosen Severin Lüthi, the Swiss Davis Cup captain, to receive the trophy in Bern. At the end of the event there was even a special surprise for our star: Tiger Woods, who has been elected World Sportsman of the Year twice just like Roger, praised him as an athlete and a friend.


The other winners are Tanja Frieden (snowboard) as Female Athlete of the Year, the national soccer team as Team of the Year, Köbi Kuhn as Coach of the Year (national soccer team), Johan Djourou (soccer) as Newcomer of the Year as well as Edith Hunkeler as Handicapped Athlete of the Year.

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12/19/2006 | 11:29 AM
congrats roger!!!!!! u totally rock!!!
12/19/2006 | 10:03 AM
12/19/2006 | 04:27 AM
Dear Roger,

Congratulations on the recognition by your country! You are certainly an athlete for the whole world to admire, so certainly Switzerland can value its own.

What a pleasure it must have been to hear your friend Tiger Woods offer his cong
12/19/2006 | 04:11 AM
Congratulations Roger. A very nice honor for you (I am sure). I just wished you were an American!! We need more people like you in U.S. Tennis.
all the best
12/19/2006 | 03:50 AM
Congratulations again to our Swiss Athlete of the Year!
Your outstanding tennis makes the Swiss country well-known around the world.
The secret of your excellence is demonstrated by your presence in Dubai practicing now. A dedication for tennis. A pass
12/19/2006 | 01:55 AM

Roger; The Swiss must be smart for electing you again, but not that smart. I mean really, only 30% of the votes? What were the other 70% thinking (not!). I
12/19/2006 | 01:04 AM
At least the Swiss got it right :-D. Stupid Sports Illustrated.
12/18/2006 | 11:01 PM
Congratulations on another honor! I am sure that this one coming from your own country feels very special. I like Stéphane Lambiel, too--he showed his courage at the World Championship in Canada this past spring, when he defended the title with injured
12/18/2006 | 10:27 PM

Congratulation on your latest award! I am very proud of all your achievements and I know that you will be kept busy in your quest to repeat them.

All the best for the Christmas Season and of course all the very, very best for the coming year
12/18/2006 | 10:12 PM
i wish u continue like zat ana merry christmas
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