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BNP Paribas Masters

30.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

I am disappointed I had to pull out of Paris as I really wanted to defend my title as I had such great memories from last year but I need to address a few little injuries so that I am able to compete next week in London at the ATP World Tour Finals.

See you soon, 

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10/31/2012 | 04:44 AM
Peris...I miss you....But it is OK.
Please treat little injuries and address the big title.
10/31/2012 | 04:41 AM
I think skipping Paris is a very wise decision. Please rest and be feeling good again next week.
10/31/2012 | 04:38 AM
Roger, sorry my spelling and grammer were messed up in the other note!
10/31/2012 | 04:35 AM
That's fine. I don't mind. i want you to win in Londen, so a break is fine. my 10th birthday was today,and I got a lot of great tennis stuff. My sisters' gave me pictures of you! I got some tennis clothing too from Nike! I got some money, I'm going to get some of your gear! I love to talk about you, I'm doing a report on you! I can't wait for you to play in Londen! We need you at your best top win for a seventh time in Londen! I wore my Advantage Federer shirt to school today!
Best Wishes!
10/31/2012 | 04:16 AM
You are the best tennis forever, I like and always watch you all
matches, I really enjoy the way you play, best of all for the
next tournament in london, you are champion forever, thank you
Roger Federer, be cool. take care of you and see you soon.
10/31/2012 | 03:53 AM
Bon Chance!!!! The important thing is to keep you coolness!!! I admire you so much.
10/31/2012 | 03:25 AM
Don´t worry! Take your time. We, your fans want the best for you. So rest and enjoy your time with your beautiful family. We will see you in London!!!! lots of love from all your fans around the word. You are the best forever!!!! Regards from Peru
10/31/2012 | 02:52 AM
It's ok, Roger. We understand. Get rested well, prepare well, and we'll see you next week in London.

With you all the way, Champ!!!
10/31/2012 | 02:46 AM
Dear Roger,
Take care of yourself, I always Love you.
10/31/2012 | 02:36 AM
Dear Roger,
Rest well, we love you.