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BNP Paribas Masters

30.10.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

I am disappointed I had to pull out of Paris as I really wanted to defend my title as I had such great memories from last year but I need to address a few little injuries so that I am able to compete next week in London at the ATP World Tour Finals.

See you soon, 

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11/01/2012 | 11:58 AM
I hope you a having lots of rest this week, Roger, and that you will be back to your beautiful tennis at the O2 next week. I love the picture you put here xxx
11/01/2012 | 10:00 AM
Have a good rest Roger!Good luck to World Tour Finals!Come on MAESTRO!GOD BE WITH YOU!
11/01/2012 | 07:53 AM
Have a good rest Roger, would have been so great to see you playing at Bercy Paris Masters & after Djokovic's early loss, may be, u could have ended the year 2012 as No. 1 ---


best wishes for world tour finals.. Keep smiling
11/01/2012 | 07:26 AM
Don't know the rules of ATP ranking score telling, so explain me please, has Roger a chance to stay the number one if he win ATP tour final, because Djock lose his first match in Paris yesterday?
11/01/2012 | 07:19 AM
No interest in the event now that you are not playing.

Hope you have a good rest and recovery and will play well and strong in London.
Take care champ !
11/01/2012 | 05:53 AM
Dear Roger,
I am so disappointed not to see you play in Bercy.But please make up for it by playing peRFect tennis next week.Show them boyz that you are still the BEST.Best of luck.
11/01/2012 | 05:42 AM
Anhd cheering for you always greatest of all times.
11/01/2012 | 05:42 AM
Roger the picture from your house is nice, hopefully today you will pick the Racket and get ready for the season End tournament. I think you will have a really difficult round/robin group but you have to avenge losses to nearly everyone playing and when you feel that you need to set a score you play an unstoppable tennis that cannot be matched. We will be cheering for you for tournament 77 and matching big mac. ?Next year just six tourneys will do. 4 GS, WTF and Davis cup, Praying.
11/01/2012 | 04:27 AM
Take care Roger....!!
11/01/2012 | 02:53 AM
Helo Mr Heartofmatter or as we said Fecal Matter, What is this kind of shit you are writing. Pretending to be Mr Shakespeare. Anyway it's nice hearing from you again.