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Roger loses London final

12.11.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

A scintillating and truly exciting game lasting 2hr.14 minutes with some of the most impressive tennis seen this year. Unfortunately the result went against our Champ Roger 6-7(6), 5-7 but he played his part in producing a final to go down in history with a worthy opponent in Djokovic.


'I cannot play much better than I did today so I am very pleased."  This was Roger speaking after he had lost out 6-7 (6-8) ,5-7 to Novak Djokovic last night in the O2 arena,London. It was a fascinating game and a fitting end to a high quality championship. 
Roger continued "Congratulations to Novak on an amazing year and tournament, you're the best”. Roger indeed started well, winning the opening nine points and 12 of the first 14 to take a 3-0 lead. He then won the first point of the fourth game, but Djokovic finally held his serve — and soon broke back.In the ninth game, Djokovic broke again to serve for the set at 5-4, but our Champ evened the score and forced the tiebreaker.

"I shouldn't have been broken as often as I was broken today," said Roger, who lost his serve twice in each set. "But then again, that obviously has something to do with Novak, as well. Obviously I was going to try to go after my shots and not just hand it to him. That's just how I play tennis," said Roger. "If I have 80 errors and I win the match, I don't care. I really don't. Maybe a bit of regret because I had the lead twice first before him," said the two-time defending champion. "At the end of the day, that doesn't matter. You have to get over the finish line in the set and then obviously at the match. He was better at that today." 

To start the second set, Roger broke Djokovic and then held all the way to 5-3. A game later and serving for the set, he had two set points but  put a forehand wide and  then another into the net.The breaker included a candidate for the best point of the year as Djokovic, on set point, lunged to clip a diving Roger volley past his opponent, only for the Swiss to contort his body and fire a forehand winner past the Serb from an impossibly acute angle.Two more mistakes from our Champ put Djokovic back on serve and back on track for the title. The Serb closed it out with the backhand passing winner. An amazing game had finished.

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11/13/2012 | 05:20 PM
Dear Roger
I don't know how can I say what kind of emotion I have..
When I watched your play with Andy and Djokovic, I had thrill and excited
You must win..
It was incredible game ever .
You play best play and unfortunately It just happen.
I couldn't stop crying but please proud yourself!!!
nobody can do when age 31 and you made so many amazing record and achieved yourself!!
Im glad that you have some of timeout and recharge yourself.
Im looking forward to AO!!!
11/13/2012 | 05:13 PM
To all the fans who are still a little bit disappointed, I hope you feel better for the lovely season at the end of the year. Let us be proud for our hero. It shows to me that our hero is so human and so great in his struggle. Only natural athelets will do that. We shall be even prouder for we have a hero who is totally human and he relies only on natural abilities to go the top. That is why he is my idol. So proud of him. History and time will be the test to that. I believe.
11/13/2012 | 04:59 PM
Dear Roger,
I do not know if you ever read my message. I just wanted to tell you that, for me you're the number one. I play tennis for six years and you're my idol, my example. I see your matches that always push me to play better. I hope next year to see you live, it's my dream and I hope to make it and see you play in Rome. Congratulations on an amazing year! Happy holidays, deserved holiday. See you soon!
11/13/2012 | 04:39 PM
TUNA4444, how are you doing, I hope you are doing fine! Regarding my sadness, I can't control it, I want to be happy because of a wonderful year in matter of achievements (#1 and Wimbledon trophy), but I can't be glad, as I've said before his style deserves more than that, I am frustrated because Federer was better than Djokovic and sometimes fate isn't with him, I can't take out of my mind that points at 5-4 second set, 40-15, when Federer's forehand was a little bit out....
11/13/2012 | 04:25 PM
Dear Roger,
It was an amazing match, perhaps you werent lucky enough in the end. But you can defeat him any time, it was just a match.
Enjoy holidays with yr famili, see you in BA.
11/13/2012 | 04:22 PM
Thank you Roger, for such wondeRFul memories in 2012... I am sure, u will have a great 2013 as well...

For me, thou, there are 1000 of RF memories this year, but the famous hug of Mirka & your mom is on top ---


God bless you. Lots of love....
11/13/2012 | 04:16 PM
Heartbroken for you but have a lovely break with your fantastic family.xx
11/13/2012 | 04:13 PM
Now have rest and enjoy your holiday with your wonderful wife Mirka and your sweet twins! Spend some quality time with your family and then come back stronger than ever!

Tonight I had a dream about you…Mirka was pregnant and she told you that the child was a boy. May God bless you and Mirka with such a gift!

We’ll miss you for the next months. See you soon on court my champion…my King!
11/13/2012 | 04:12 PM
Dear Roger, it was a tough match, but still an unbelievable one! You played very well and you made Novak struggling for the victory. I can imagine how sad and disappointed you can be in this moment. But, look, we all love you unconditionally and we are going to support you until your retirement and, if possible, even after that! Last night you gave us some amazing, unreal, magic shots. No one can play in such a precious way: it was breathless!
Now have rest and enjoy your holiday with your wond
11/13/2012 | 04:01 PM
Thank you for another year of wonderful tennis-you are certainly the finest player I have ever seen play the game. Enjoy the time off with your family, I'm looking forward to seeing you next year.