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Roger loses London final

12.11.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 2

A scintillating and truly exciting game lasting 2hr.14 minutes with some of the most impressive tennis seen this year. Unfortunately the result went against our Champ Roger 6-7(6), 5-7 but he played his part in producing a final to go down in history with a worthy opponent in Djokovic.


'I cannot play much better than I did today so I am very pleased."  This was Roger speaking after he had lost out 6-7 (6-8) ,5-7 to Novak Djokovic last night in the O2 arena,London. It was a fascinating game and a fitting end to a high quality championship. 
Roger continued "Congratulations to Novak on an amazing year and tournament, you're the best”. Roger indeed started well, winning the opening nine points and 12 of the first 14 to take a 3-0 lead. He then won the first point of the fourth game, but Djokovic finally held his serve — and soon broke back.In the ninth game, Djokovic broke again to serve for the set at 5-4, but our Champ evened the score and forced the tiebreaker.

"I shouldn't have been broken as often as I was broken today," said Roger, who lost his serve twice in each set. "But then again, that obviously has something to do with Novak, as well. Obviously I was going to try to go after my shots and not just hand it to him. That's just how I play tennis," said Roger. "If I have 80 errors and I win the match, I don't care. I really don't. Maybe a bit of regret because I had the lead twice first before him," said the two-time defending champion. "At the end of the day, that doesn't matter. You have to get over the finish line in the set and then obviously at the match. He was better at that today." 

To start the second set, Roger broke Djokovic and then held all the way to 5-3. A game later and serving for the set, he had two set points but  put a forehand wide and  then another into the net.The breaker included a candidate for the best point of the year as Djokovic, on set point, lunged to clip a diving Roger volley past his opponent, only for the Swiss to contort his body and fire a forehand winner past the Serb from an impossibly acute angle.Two more mistakes from our Champ put Djokovic back on serve and back on track for the title. The Serb closed it out with the backhand passing winner. An amazing game had finished.

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11/13/2012 | 01:28 PM
Hi Roger, I would have been better, if you had made more errors, so that I could have slept early. You just can never try to improve on your backhand and unforced errors. And if you don't you will not win the big matches. And if you don't really care for your errors, then why were you making grimacing faces when you missed those shots?
Sorry for saying all this.
Merry Christmas. Stay healthy. Happy Holidays.
11/13/2012 | 01:27 PM
Dear Roger, Firstly, congratulations on a terrific year. You proved all the naysayers wrong and showed them that you are the Emperor of the game of Tennis and play it on your terms. I was sad yesterday that the result did not go our way. That said, I was so proud of the courageous way you played, befitting of the lion you are. Sometimes, it's just the other guy's day - but your level of tennis showed that you are still very much at the top of the game...(1/2)
11/13/2012 | 01:18 PM
Or he would be Richard Gasquet in terms of his results (beautiful to watch but no results). This is the painfull truth as it is right now. I am happy for Roger for his results, but in the same time I am angry because all of this I mentioned. Why ? Roger would have at least 22 grand slam titles, and his head to head agains Rafa wouldn't be 10-18, but rather 18-10.
11/13/2012 | 01:17 PM
I am sorry. One of my lines got amputated during the copy-paste action. It should say:

Tournament directors should understand that there is a reason why you have been voted the fan’s favourite for 10 years in a row now: the majority loves your attacking game, much more than that of those endlessly defending players in the rest of the field.
11/13/2012 | 01:15 PM
Be happy that Roger is 31 years old. Because, if he is 23,24 or 25, the situation will be the same, maybe more bad for him then it is now. Slow court is a slow court. and you can do nothing about it. Be proud of Roger, becouse he is 31, the courts are slow and he was number one this year. That is remarkable. If hi is 25, he wouldn't be Roger Federer. He would be Rafael Nadal in a phisical way and number one ( but you wouldn' love him as you love him right now).
11/13/2012 | 01:14 PM
In your case it comes with great technical skill, variety and beautiful movement as well, which gives us that unique combination that makes your fans love you forever.

I would like to thank your team for helping you achieve what you have this year and I wish both them and you and your family a well earned holiday before you have to start preparing for the next season.

Joke, a chronic fan
11/13/2012 | 01:13 PM
row now: the majority loves your attacking game, much more than that of those endlessly defending players in the rest of the field. I hope they have watched Michael Llodra in Paris and listened to the commentators who praised an loved his attacking style, because it makes tennis so much more attractive to watch. For an attacking game a player needs courage and guts and that is why the fans love and admire attacking players so much.
11/13/2012 | 01:11 PM
Your last match of the season was a real battle and I am sorry and a little sad that you didn’t win it. Immediately after the last ball was hit, I texted a friend and fellow fan that I was hoping for faster courts in the future, not knowing that you pleaded for them as well later on. As much as I admire Novak’s ball retrieving skills, his athleticism and his fitness, I don’t think it gives us attractive tennis matches.
11/13/2012 | 01:09 PM

I told you before, when we talked about it. I was also angry, but not anymore. I am sad, that is true, but not as you are, not anymore. As i told you before, the ATP wants money, nothinh more, nothing less, they are not interested in Roger's style of play or anything else about his. They don't give a sh... it. They just want money. And that is why they were slowing the courts for the last 10 years.
11/13/2012 | 01:02 PM
You had a great year Roger & won 71 matches & whats great u are finishing the year at #2 and completed 302 weeks as #1, you are the best and will always be the best..

Feeling relieved to see that you are No. 2 in the rankings that were announced today