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Roger withdraws from Madrid |Open

02.05.2016 | Tennis, Starseite 1


Our champ suffered a back injury during practice and is withdrawing from the Mutua Madrid Open as a precaution.



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05/03/2016 | 12:26 AM
Dear Roger,

After you have recovered from this injury and are 100% healthy again, it will be a thrill to watch you play.

With that RF positive attitude, you will return even BETTERER!

❤️ RF 🎾

This blog includes quotes from Roger's presser:


Chum Jetze, Maestro!
Luv 💝, LK
05/03/2016 | 12:23 AM
I don't think Ljubicic did anything for Milos either. Milos is better off with out him. Now Milos doing much better than when he had Ljubcic as a coach. I really want to see you hire someone else who has same chemistry.
Wish you all the best and take care of your health.
05/03/2016 | 12:21 AM
Dear Roger,
Feel better!! We are all rooting for you and hope that you will make a speedy return. You are always the best, no matter what! We love you <3
Vous nous manquez beaucoup, et vous êtes toujours le meilleur :)
05/03/2016 | 12:11 AM
Dear Roger,
It has been a few set backs since January. I hope and pray you take a rest and recover fully before F O and Wimbledon. One thing always bothers me is you took Ljubicic as your COACH. I don't think that works for you or have any luck. Would you pls re-evaluate your decision before it is too late. It doesn't work for you Roger. I hope you read this message.
God Bless you and your family.
05/02/2016 | 11:47 PM
Sad - but to take care is only important doing, thank you! Wish our MAESTRO a super speedy recovery, and happiest return for the Rome tourn.
05/02/2016 | 11:29 PM
Roger's Press Conference earlier - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa35Z6iEFoA
05/02/2016 | 11:27 PM
lol - I mean haritpathak
05/02/2016 | 11:19 PM
Roger pulls out t and that is your response? fancy.free?
05/02/2016 | 11:17 PM
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