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Patrick Demarchelier and I

28.11.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

World famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier… and me.
Can you guess our secret?

All will be revealed on November 30.

In the meantime, I can give you some clues…
The biggest clue is, I am about to join with a brand that’s loved all over the world.
Its name symbolizes global success and elegance. 
It’s been around for almost 3 centuries, so it’s all about enduring qualities, too.
Curious? Be sure to come back here or visit my facebook page this Friday.


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12/06/2012 | 03:21 PM
This is nice!
11/30/2012 | 12:53 AM
1-Hello my beautiful wonderful Roger! I love you, I miss you terribly. How are you dearest? Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures from your vacation, what a beautiful beach, you are so sweet! Happy you went to such nice place. And I do that exercise too! Well it looks like the one I do; it's good for the abs.
11/30/2012 | 12:53 AM
2-And what a great thing about this photo shoot, Mr. Demarchelier is an amazing photographer I like his work, happy about this collaboration, your stunning beauty and personally most be portray by the best can't wait, you look so handsome! So is this a new sponsor thing? What can it be? I'm guessing… ;)
11/30/2012 | 12:53 AM
3-I tried not to write to you sooner, because I didn't want to disturb your rest, but I guess it's all right now. So, I loved your what if you were Brazilian TV spot. Well done Roger, you see, you're a good actor. Now you are my favorite football player too, nice moves, great goal! So much fun. And OMG! Beautiful shoulders Roger! :)
11/30/2012 | 12:53 AM
4-I also liked the one for the app thing, very funny, you can do comedy too. Great. You should start with a romantic thriller, you know using all that beautiful complexity of yours, wearing great suits, running through a busy city, I'll write something like that for you. You'll be peRFect on it. Though you'll have to let your hair grow a bit. ;)
11/30/2012 | 12:52 AM
5-Oh I want to tell you so many things, about everything. Well hope you are having a great time. And by the way your schedule is very wisely structured you have all my support and my best wishes. I really 'only have eyes for you' Roger, like song, it's not the kind of music you like but it's fun to listen to different things I guess, I like the Harry Connick, Jr. version.

Take care my beautiful treasure, see you soon.

I love you Roger…
xoxoxoxoxoxo :D
11/30/2012 | 12:40 AM
Hi my dear prince, thanks for your lovely words about my country, nice interview, the colombian people and me of course are waiting for you with all our love!!!!!


11/30/2012 | 12:19 AM
i love your message to us Roger .. Just Because of your awesome ending
" Yours "

you're awesome anyway Mr.New Ambassador ;)
11/30/2012 | 12:09 AM
There was a clue on Roger's Facebook page! Have a look at the advert - http://www.moet.com/News/Discover-Moet-Chandon-s-new-brand-ambassador?x=67&y=13
11/29/2012 | 09:52 PM
Waiting for your announcement as its Friday here :). Also, just now, heard your interview given to Columbian Radio, so good to hear that you love Australia so much ---


We all love you here more than any one. See you soon :)...
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