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Patrick Demarchelier and I

28.11.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

World famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier… and me.
Can you guess our secret?

All will be revealed on November 30.

In the meantime, I can give you some clues…
The biggest clue is, I am about to join with a brand that’s loved all over the world.
Its name symbolizes global success and elegance. 
It’s been around for almost 3 centuries, so it’s all about enduring qualities, too.
Curious? Be sure to come back here or visit my facebook page this Friday.


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11/28/2012 | 02:21 PM
If u love Roger Like this page


Please Like Our Page and get all Roger News & Pics

Great page
11/28/2012 | 01:23 PM
Wouldn't be a watch or a car...mmmm...fashion? food?? accessories? fragrances? a hi tech?...it doesn't matter, as long as Pat can produce some stunning photos I will be happy.
11/28/2012 | 01:03 PM
To Izzabelle: thanks!;) Oh and you know what? They could be using Baccarat glasses, then it would be top top class and awesome!
11/28/2012 | 12:47 PM
☆ Wow!!! This is mysterious, but it should be a good secret, we're curious to know and unravel this mystery so sweet, gorgeous, elegant, complete, wonderful!!! God put a man only all qualities, you really are a very special person, exemplar in all our FEDERINHO peRFect!!! ☆

11/28/2012 | 12:45 PM
whatever it is .. it must be fabulous especially with you joining.
..can't wait til Friday!!
11/28/2012 | 12:35 PM
Hi roger, great partnership with Moët & Chandon both define class and elegance..:)

Can not wait to see the photos on Friday I'm sure u looked as handsome as ever :)
11/28/2012 | 11:23 AM
Yes you are eliskakossi. Good deduction on your part :)
11/28/2012 | 11:10 AM
Ho ho so I was right :D well done, Roger!
11/28/2012 | 11:02 AM
If you go to moet's website, it's fairly obvious his their new face.
11/28/2012 | 10:58 AM
hi roge.,
Ican't wait until friday ..,iam looking forward to friday
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