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South America equipment

02.12.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Starting to pack for the Gillette Federer tour through South America and I was excited to receive these new Nike RF hats in the colors of Brazil, Argentina and Colombia....very cool!

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12/03/2012 | 08:30 AM
They are very cool. I want the blue one!! Enyjoy the tour Roger!!
12/03/2012 | 08:06 AM
i couldn't care less whether you win the gillette federer tour. it's an exo. djokovic lost to guga. murray lost to andy roddick. both retired players. nobody cares who wins exos. djokovic won against you last year 1&2 in aba dhabi. you beat him at wimby and cinci where it counted. we want wins next year. this is fun time for you. so go and have fun, fun, fun!!! win or lose, RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!
12/03/2012 | 07:57 AM
I loved to have one!!Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...^_^
12/03/2012 | 07:56 AM
Very good luck, Roger! Hope you win this tour.

May your presence in South America be of positive influence for the sports in the region
12/03/2012 | 06:53 AM
Dear Roger,

Please win this Gillette Federer Tour and prove that you're the best.We know that you are the best.But still,for our satisfaction,you must win this.

I,on the behalf of other fans request you to do so.

BTW,the yellow and the green caps are the best.
12/03/2012 | 05:34 AM
Good looking hats, Roer: that logo is really understated, streamlined, and yet instantly recognizable. The colors of the countries are nice, too! I am positive you have manay arent fans in those, and other countries of South America who are thrilled to have you play there! Do take care though, and make certain that security measures are at a maximum. And do I ever look foward to you 2013: my raison d"etre, truly!
12/03/2012 | 05:14 AM
Visit to PERU!!
12/03/2012 | 04:41 AM
Very cool. I love the green one best!
Safe travels, Rog!
12/03/2012 | 02:47 AM
Roger, I have had the great pleasure of being one in the crowd during your matches at different events; US Open, Miami and Montreal, but being one during an event in my country and my hometown it is much special. I bought my ticket once it was available for sale and I am counting every single minute to go to you exo in Colombia. I hope you enjoy visiting us and wish you the best for the coming year
12/03/2012 | 01:49 AM
I hope you have a great time in South America. You will realize how much we love you (in South America). unfortunately I do not live in those countries but Colombia and Brazil are my neighbouring countries and I am so excited as if you are coming to mine. I am quite sure you will enjoy your staying there and I hope you can come to Peru once. lol
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