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Roger loses first exhibition

07.12.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger lost the first match of his exhibition Gillette Federer Tour in São Paulo, Brazil today. He was beaten by Brazil's Thomaz Bellucci 5-7, 6-3, 4-6. 


Roger will play Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tomorrow (not before 9:30 local time), don't forget that this match - like all the others of the tour - will be broadcast live on YouTube (www.youtube.com/RogerFederer).

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12/07/2012 | 09:28 PM
That's fine. I'll be watching you a lot!
Best Wishes!
12/07/2012 | 09:16 PM
No problem, Roger!
Rest and enjoy time with your family.
Important is to be at the top during 2013 Australinan Open.
12/07/2012 | 08:23 PM
hola KUETSCHUEK; te menvié un mensaje, espero lo leas. cuidate!!!
12/07/2012 | 07:36 PM
Just saw pics and videos of your activities off court. Great to see you having fun and giving joy to the kids and the other fans. Love those soccer and market pics and videos;and man of history that you are, hitting with Maria Bueno and Guga (my sentimental favorites).
12/07/2012 | 06:41 PM
Such a joy to see you looking so relaxed and happy to be in Brazil. I thought you played the match with the right blend of skill and fun, it seems lots of players now are so drilled into winning ways that they can't let themselves go in an exho situation and forget that they are primarily there to provide entertainment (which you've always understood so well). Hopefully once you've agreed the result with Tommee that match will be great fun!! Lovely to see you. xxx
12/07/2012 | 06:28 PM
Its always a joy to watch you play Roger Champ!
Thank you so much for the YouTube channel -great!
Its a treat!
Always the best !
12/07/2012 | 06:07 PM
Champion is always a champion. Roger is the king and always is. It's just king needs sometimes for entertainment, have fun and relax to prepare for real battles. Roger !!! you are the best
12/07/2012 | 04:57 PM
Oooops, you guys! .... Bellucci won that match in fact.

Really enjoyed watching it, good fun and it looked like both players were enjoying themselves without the pressure of ranking points hanging on the result.

All the best for the rest of the tour.
12/07/2012 | 04:47 PM
Roger you are always number 1! please u must win Australian open i wana see Australian winner trophy is your hand. i pray always with you
your Pakistan (Karachi) Fan!
Wajhi Haider
12/07/2012 | 04:25 PM
The match was for sure entertaining and enjoyable. For me, both won :). so, please change the title...

For a change, I also loved Roger pics from Sao Paulo's fruit market ----


Keep enjoying Roger, we all love you :).....
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