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Meeting with Pelé

08.12.2012 | Off Court
Had the incredible honor today to meet the great legend Pele.....he was so nice and 
his energy is amazing!!!!
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12/28/2012 | 02:30 PM
La rencontre des deux rois.
12/16/2012 | 04:39 AM
Very fitting: truly great sportsmen, outstanding, inimitable players in their respective sports! It is so good to see merit, greatness, fairness win all the accolades that it deserves, and that is needed in the world!
Glad for you, Roger, and for Pele!
12/16/2012 | 02:50 AM
I wanted to congratulate you for your professionalism, for few times in my life seen such respect for their fans and followers and their sponsors. I know it was not easy you made this marathon in South America, with cedrteza is exhausted, more gentle and smiling with pure respect for all, so it's adimirada by everyone including by me of course. Congratulations and hurry back to Brazil have immense pleasure in welcoming you again
12/15/2012 | 03:10 AM
whoever wrote that 'meeting with Pele' comment should never be allowed to write again. I hope no one in the Spanish speaking world read it.
12/15/2012 | 12:22 AM
Thank you for the excellent spectacle offered next to Juan Martín and to afford to share with you this great passion that is the tennis. Of course, also thank you very much for brightening my life with each game, really it is a unique thing to be able to delight in your wonderful game and personality. Luck what you come in !!!!
12/15/2012 | 12:21 AM
Gracias por el excelente espectáculo brindado junto a Juan Martín y por permitirnos compartir contigo esta gran pasión que es el tenis. Por supuesto, también muchas gracias por alegrarme la vida con cada juego, realmente es algo único poder deleitarse con tu maravilloso juego y personalidad. Suerte en lo que viene!!!!
12/14/2012 | 08:00 PM
FANS, visit the forum in the fanzone and check out the thread “Gillette Federer Tour 2012” for ALL NEWS (including videos and pics, etc.) of Roger on the exhibition tour in South America. It’s a beautiful place to spend time during the Holidays. :)

Forum » Roger & Tennis » Gillette Federer Tour 2012

12/14/2012 | 03:22 PM
love u roger...good 2 c 2 legends 2gether...have lots of fun ahead dearest rog!!!!!
lve ya
your #1 fan 4ever xoxoxo
12/14/2012 | 11:39 AM
Dear Roger,
Thank you for your magic tennis.
12/11/2012 | 11:11 PM
Roger, it was a great pleasure to see you here, and certainly you inspired a lot of brazilians. Come again... We will be waiting for you, there are so many things to see...
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