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Roger defeats Tsonga

09.12.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger booked his first victory on the Gillette Federer Tour in Brazil today. He defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6, 6-3 in a spectacular match full of fun such as a little dance with the mascots.

Roger will play Tommy Haas in São Paulo tomorrow at 6:00 pm (watch live on YouTube) before moving on to Argentina.

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12/09/2012 | 11:13 PM
Mi queridísimo Roger:

Gracias por permitirnos estar contigo a través de tu canal en Youtube, magnifica idea, esperemos que continue durante la temporada de 2013. el partido de hoy ha sido estupendo, gran derroche de energía y mucha alegría, me encantó cuando jugaste fútbol con la camiseta de Brazil. Muy buena performance de ambos; pero el punto con el que finalizaste el partido fue espectacular Roger, lo mejor que he visto. Te felicito por todo lo que has brindado al público brasileño
12/09/2012 | 11:03 PM
Dear Roger
I was watching your match vs Tommy Haas! Beautiful, everything was so nice, so enjoying! I completely understand you now! Your face is shining, smiling, you really have the greatest fun there! You deserved it dearest Roger!
Wish you all the best and good luck dearest Roger!
May dear God help you to have the greatest time with your devoted fans in Argentina!
Love, Mimi
12/09/2012 | 10:52 PM
Hi Roger, you won against Tommy who is also very good.
What happened with the live stream? Just before the last game it went out.
Congratulations Soccurplayer !! Get well rested and see you at your next match.
I love you Roger. Your fan, Kemna.
12/09/2012 | 09:26 PM
1-My love! How are you? You are so beautiful and so wonderful. I love you so much!!!

Your exhibitions have been great, thank you so much for sharing, thanks to the sponsors too. The production has been really great, whoever is in charge of it, has done a good job, lots of slow motion sequences, great shots of you, etc. Thanks for the YouTube channel.
12/09/2012 | 09:25 PM
2-It's so great to see you, you are so nice and you are the most handsome man in the world, you have the most beautiful eyes and you know, your legs and your body are incredible! You look great in purple! ;)
12/09/2012 | 09:25 PM
3-And your backhand smash is insane! Awesome shots just have fun, don't worry, these are not competitive events. It is really the most beautiful thing to see you smiling, so happy and relax. I'm happy that you are having a good time and receiving so much love. You'll see all of this will charge you with lots of good energy. Thanks for all the great things and pictures you've been sharing. I get so excited whenever you write.
12/09/2012 | 09:25 PM
4-And you met Pelé! Super cool, he is really nice and was an amazing player, indeed a legend and you got to go to his home, great, he seemed really happy to meet you, who wouldn't!

It seems like it's super humid out there, stay well hydrated dearest. You know, my blood type is RF really that is the only thing my heart pumps. You are my one and only love! And I only have eyes for you.
12/09/2012 | 09:25 PM
5-You got to listen to this great new album; it's called The Jazz Age by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, it sounds beautiful! I loved it; he rearranged some of his songs 1920's style, great quality music. I keep telling to listen to jazzy stuff, I know you like more upbeat things, but this is really good, check it out.
12/09/2012 | 09:25 PM
6-Saw your dad, enjoy your time with him. Greetings, lots of health and all the best for him.

Have a great time today and take care my beautiful treasure.

I love you madly Roger…
:D xoxoxoxoxo
12/09/2012 | 09:18 PM
was a match to remember , I really-2 enjoyed it.... Also, just now, saw pics, videos of Roger dancing which made it more memorable ---


Keep rocking Roger :)...........
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