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Roger defeats Tsonga

09.12.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger booked his first victory on the Gillette Federer Tour in Brazil today. He defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6, 6-3 in a spectacular match full of fun such as a little dance with the mascots.

Roger will play Tommy Haas in São Paulo tomorrow at 6:00 pm (watch live on YouTube) before moving on to Argentina.

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12/09/2012 | 08:14 PM
Congratulations on your win. Roger !

You seem to be doing a lot of dancing. Lately ? I've asked you on your. Ask. Roger forum if you have ever studied ballet/ dance? Now I'm really starting to wonder !!!

Your grace and style on and off court is second to none!
God. Bless you xx
12/09/2012 | 08:12 PM
Well done, dear Roger, in a very enjoyable match between two such lovely people that you and Jo are. Good luck tonight against Tommy! Much love as always to you and your family.
12/09/2012 | 07:13 PM
Dearest Roger:

You are always a WINNER, Maestro, you are showing your greatness
at the exhibition. You are my inspiration, my motivation, my courage,
my success and most of all, my happiness, thank you CHAMP !!!

I love you so much,
GOD bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/09/2012 | 07:10 PM
12/09/2012 | 06:09 PM
I watched those other little videos you posted and the one with those kids trying to return your serve in order to win themselves a proper tenniscourt even made me a little emotional. Seeing the happiness of those children was very special. This Tour is already a unique thing and I am very happy for the fans in Brazil you gave them this wonderful opportunity to see you play and being so close to you.
I wish you as much fun as you can have tonight against Tommy Haas.
12/09/2012 | 06:05 PM
Hello Roger,
An exhibition match against Tsonga was always going to be highly entertaining with some spectacular tennis as well. I loved every minute of it, like both you, JW and all the fans in the stadium! I already knew from your earlier benefit matches that you know how to please the crowd, but this match was really wonderful.
To be continued...
12/09/2012 | 04:47 PM
was a match to remember , I really-2 enjoyed it.... Also, just now, saw pics, videos of Roger dancing which made it more memorable ---


Keep rocking Roger :)...........
12/09/2012 | 03:44 PM
Roger Champ! That game was so much fun watching you and Jo! Fully enjoyed and most of all to see you were also having a good laugh!
Thank you again of the YouTube Channel -great stuff!
12/09/2012 | 03:39 PM
Thanks, Rog and Jo, for a funfilled exciting match! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, including the dances and hitting with the mascot, having the ballboys play for both of you, interacting with fans,etc, etc. Good luck on the next one with our friend Tommy.
12/09/2012 | 03:28 PM
Great and fun, Thank You Champ!
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