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Happy New Year!

31.12.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 2

Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

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12/31/2012 | 07:11 PM
Roger and family,

Happy New Year! Thank you for brining excitement and joy to us!

See you soon!
12/31/2012 | 07:10 PM
Oh, my dear Roger... you are the best. My best wishes to you and your family and friends. I miss you and can't wait for see you (only on tv as always) in Australia. In the 2013 your success and happyness will be mine. Hugs and kisses.
12/31/2012 | 06:58 PM
Roger, thank you. Another time, let me just say that you have NOTHING to give us back. WE have. It is a gift for us being your fans. Following you as we can, cheering you and your family just as members of our owns. You, your family, your team, give us so much, it is just normal that you support you. Have a wonderful 2013, Roger, you and your beloved ones. Waiting to see you back on courts. God bless you.
12/31/2012 | 06:57 PM
Happy new year to you, Roger! Best wishes in everything in your life for 2013! :)
And happy new year to RF.com members! :)
12/31/2012 | 06:55 PM
Dear Roger,

Like the great Tina says........
You are simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone else,
anyone I have ever met !!!

Roger, I love and respect you, yesterday, today, tomorrow and for eternity.

I love you, your fan, Kemna
12/31/2012 | 06:54 PM
From Uruguay we send you a desire for the best for this new 2013.
Have peace and happiness with your friends and family.
The desire for a great year in sports. Enjoy!!!!
We will be next to you at all times.
Thank you for everything you give us.
You are Great. You are the one !!!!!!!
12/31/2012 | 06:52 PM
Trust and believe me..... 2013 will be one of the best years you will have. You made a plan to (or you want to) win atleast two grand slams and 5 or more titles.
And we all know what happens when you make a plan and work for it (winning Wimbledon, getting an Olympic medal and returning to world number 1 in 2012)!!!
It will be difficult, all the others are extremely good also and work hard for it too, but somehow I think you will rock it and do get it (winning the slams and important ATP-tours)
12/31/2012 | 06:46 PM
Hi Roger, I hope that when you have a free time, you will read all of our comments and know how much you are loved. I have voted so many time for you as the most attractive man, because you are!
Roger, 2013 will be your and mine year. I just have this feeling, that after the great year in 2012 you had, after you saw how much people loved you in the whole wide world, at the WTF in London and especially at your SA-tour (where they went absolutely crazy for you), you will fight to keep this in 2013
12/31/2012 | 06:44 PM
Good luck, health and happiness, Roger, to you, your family and team. x
12/31/2012 | 06:41 PM